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Things to Know Before You Join a Sober Home

Sober homes are great during recovery, but it's important to know one or two things about them before you commit. Here's what you should know.

Things to Know Before You Join a Sober Home

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May 9, 2022

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Picking a safe environment is a vital element of recovery. Sober living homes are a place to help you recover safely. Sober living homes are comprised of other individuals going through similar situations. The home itself enables you to make it easier to transition into your surroundings after intensive inpatient services.

In addition, sober living homes teach you to live independently without the need for substances. However, it is essential to understand a few things before choosing one.

Elements of Sober Homes

Sober homes are safe and supportive environments to help you recover during your first few months of being abstinent. In addition, they are fantastic as an alternative way to receive treatment because they provide resources and have a high standard regarding cleanliness, ethics, safety, and professional management. 

Sober homes may require you to take a drug test and actively engage in meetings and therapy, giving you the corner stones for the foundation of your recovery journey. Every individual's journey through recovery is different from the next, and sober living homes provide the ability to work on your unique treatment plan with support from peers and professionals. In addition, the elements of sober homes give you the ability to understand the expectations and pan out a smooth recovery process.

What to Know Before You Join a Sober Home

Many sober living homes have different structures depending on their programs. You may find yourself living in a sober home to help you restrain from triggers and focus on the path ahead of you. Many sober living homes can last a few weeks to a month or beyond. It all depends on the treatment and your situation. 

You will most likely be assigned certain chores and errands while attending your health appointments and healthy activities. Some sober homes allow you to gradually go through the process and add personal responsibilities into your life. This can include starting school, going back to work, and attending and participating in support groups and therapy. 

Sober living homes allow you to have a living arrangement that significantly improves your recovery success. If going back home is not the best solution for the current stage you are in, a sober living home teaches you how to be self-sufficient and manage responsibilities while reintroducing yourself back into the community. 

You get the ability to have freedom and manage the responsibilities of your life with strong, compassionate support. Sober living homes provide new perspectives and support to hold yourself accountable for maintaining a sober lifestyle. Additionally, sober living homes offer the ability to make new friends, develop long-term relationships with people, and be there for you throughout your journey. 

A few other things you need to know before you join can include rules and obligations, drugs and testing, sober living rent, and full participation in the recovery process.

Rules and Obligations

Sober homes require a level of respect regarding adherence to the rules and obligations of the house. The rules and responsibilities exist to help increase safety and make the environment comfortable and enjoyable for everyone around. 

Drug Testing

Upon admission into the home, you may be required to sign a contract verifying that you will adhere to the rules and obligations. Sober living homes want you to prevail in your recovery journey. Equally important is keeping the environment safe for everyone. Breaking the rules of sober homes can be grounds for getting kicked out.

Sober Living Rent

Many individuals assume that sober living is free. However, the home cannot sustain itself without the clients being responsible for paying for access to their bed. Sober living homes also provide professional services, managers, and other employees to give you access to a variety of resources and support activities, giving you a safe and comfortable lifestyle. However, many sober living homes will accept various payments, and many treatment options can be covered through health insurance through a reasonable payment plan. 

Sober Living Participation

Along with the new responsibilities and lifestyles you gain from sober living, you will most likely be inclined to participate in recovery activities. Some of the activities may include finding a lucrative job and learning how to manage finances. You also get the ability to socialize and engage with meetings and peers.

The Adjustment Phase of Sober Living

It does take time to adjust to a sober living environment, but it will increase the opportunities for building the foundational steps of the recovery chart. In addition, individuals who choose to go to a sober living home may not be ready to invest themselves back into a life they once knew. Therefore, sober living homes provide opportunities to develop the new you and a new life.

Sober Living Homes Are Great Tools For Long-Term Sobriety

Sober homes are indispensable in the recovery journey. Not only are they ideal recovery surroundings, they’re also great places to explore independent living while attending an addiction center. If you have questions or want to know more information before joining a sober home, The Forge Recovery Center is here for you. You can reach out to us for more information about sober living and how it is essential in your life and your recovery process.

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