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Getting Kicked Out of Sober Living: What To Do

Worried about getting kicked out of a sober home? Here’s what to do to avoid it … and what to do if it happens. Call The Forge today for help.

Getting Kicked Out of Sober Living: What To Do

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May 6, 2022

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Transitioning back into life after leaving inpatient or residential drug treatment is tricky when struggling with addiction. You may choose to go to sober living homes because it provides you with a safe place to continue the recovery journey without the stress or the newness of being free from addiction. 

If you are considering a sober living home, you may have questions. Some of those questions can include the rules and regulations of a sober living lifestyle. Other questions may involve what to do if you are kicked out of sober living. Before making your final decision, find out what you can do if you are forced to leave a sober living home.

Getting Kicked Out of Sober Living Possibilities

There are many possibilities as to why you could get kicked out of a sober living home. It is essential first to follow the rules and regulations of the sober living facility. Each sober living home will have different rules that need to be followed and expect certain behaviors while living in the facility.

Maintaining a sober lifestyle in a sober living home begins with the obligation and accountability of you as an individual. Sadly, even in sober living homes, there are ways you can slip through the cracks and find yourself getting kicked out of the facility. Therefore, learning as much as you can about the home, the rules, and regulations, and how to prevent yourself from falling through the cracks is vital to your recovery.

Reasons Why You May Be Kicked Out of Sober Living Homes

Since the rules and regulations are outlined in a sober living home, completely ignoring them is one fast and surefire way to get kicked out of one. As mentioned, a sober living home will have a structured guideline for you to follow to hold yourself accountable in the environment. 

However, the number one rule across many sober living homes is to refrain from using substances in or out of the home. This means you cannot bring any substances, including alcohol and drug paraphernalia, into the house, or you may find yourself without a residence.

These rules extend to prescription drugs. Many sober living homes do not allow prescription medications unless they’re legitimately prescribed and under tight control. Remember, a lot of prescription medications, like so-called “study drug” stimulants, are often abused.

Another reason you may be asked to leave a sober living home is if you are dismissing and instigating fights. Violence is not a part of a safe environment, and even threats of violence can be enough reason to remove you from the sober living home. Occasionally, individuals who have found themselves in fights outside and away from the house can face removal.

Next is the active disruptive behavior. If you harass other individuals living in the home, your exit may be swift. Sober living homes do not want you to speak out against the lifestyle or encourage others negatively. Likewise, some sober living homes will require you to submit random drug tests, and if you refuse the drug test at your scheduled time, the facility may tell you to find other options. 

What to Do if You're Kicked Out of Sober Living

If you find yourself in a situation where you potentially could be kicked out of a sober living home, it is vital to talk with a professional to see how they can help you. Having as much information as possible to steer yourself towards the recovery path via a safety plan or another method will establish your first steps in sustaining recovery. Sometimes, you may have setbacks, and the sober living home may find it necessary to advise you to seek other alternatives.

If you find yourself being kicked out of a sober living home or advised to find other options, there are a few alternatives you can consider. The first is to consider avoiding relapse altogether. If you avoid relapse, you may find yourself a second chance of staying in the sober living home. 

However, relapsing or associating with substances is still grounds for dismissal in many sober living homes. The best way to prevent that from happening is to attend your therapy sessions, maintain your routines, and practice your self-care.

If all else fails and you are still kicked out of sober living, you can consider alternative options or other sober living homes. There is no need to panic if you still want to pursue a recovery lifestyle, as there are many options to choose from. Many sober living homes will understand that relapse can happen, while others have a strict set-in-stone rule of relapse avoidance altogether. 

Getting Answers With The Forge

Some sober living homes may suggest you go back through detox whenever relapse occurs and then try to come back. They may give you a utilized prevention plan to have another chance to succeed in recovery. You deserve to have a long-term recovery free from addiction. Getting the best support that meets your needs is the first step towards avoiding a premature exit from a sober living home.

Working with your drug-free goals, counselors and professionals will help you identify the root cause of the substance use and help you develop a plan to avoid relapse in the future. If you are advised to find alternative options, you can seek support groups and find a better treatment plan that fits your needs. You need to remember that not every treatment plan works for each individual.

Every person's situation is different; however, you can successfully sustain long-term recovery if you find the right treatment plan tailored to you.

At The Forge, we want you to have the help you need to maintain and sustain long-term recovery with a qualified relapse prevention plan. We partner with some of the best sober home providers and will work with you to find a sober home which meets your needs and personality.

Don't be afraid to find the answers you seek, so pick up the phone and call us today for more information on sober living lifestyles and programs available for you.

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