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Living Sober with the Forge Recovery Center

Sadly, home can be part of the problem when it comes to drug and alcohol addiction. Familiar settings are nice, but they can include old hangouts, painful memories, and harmful social relationships. All of them are major pitfalls in recovery.

There is an alternative: sober living homes. Being part of an intentional community in addiction recovery helps build independence and provides a host of additional recovery benefits:

Living Sober with the Forge Recovery Center

New Faces

Sober living houses bring a new, positive community to join … and a chance to rebuild existing positive relationships. Support, belonging and positive experiences are what sober living homes are all about.

A Second Chance

The temptation-free, stable environment of a sober living home allows people to experience being at home again, get personal affairs in order, and explore independence without the risk of relapse.

Help's Always There

A house manager in a sober home understands recovery – they’re often veterans of recovery themselves! They help newly recovered people deal with challenges, handle disagreements, provide needed advice, and keep everyone accountable.

Preventing Setbacks

There’s no better defense against relapse than a sober home. There are no drugs or alcohol on the premises, the environment is closely managed, and everyone’s accountable.

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