LGBTQIA+ Community

LGBTQIA+ Community

At The Forge Recovery Center, we honor every hue of the LGBTQIA+ rainbow. Our programs are tailored to embrace and support the diverse identities and experiences within our community, no matter your identity or preference.

Understanding LGBTQIA+ Addiction ChallengesShape

Understanding LGBTQIA+ Addiction Challenges

We recognize the complex layers of addiction specific to the LGBTQIA+ experience. From societal pressures to internal conflicts, our approach addresses these unique struggles with empathy and expertise.

A Prideful Community

Our LGBTQIA+ community isn’t just a part of our mission; it’s a source of immense pride. Together, we celebrate every victory on the road to recovery, big or small.

Inclusivity at HeartShape

Inclusivity at Heart

Inclusivity is more than just a policy - it’s our heartbeat. At The Forge Recovery Center, every individual is met with an unwavering commitment to their personal recovery journey. From our staff to your peers, you’ll always be met with welcoming arms.

Find Hope at The Forge Recovery Center

Our admissions coordinators are standing by 24/7 to answer your questions, provide guidance, and schedule an initial assessment. Let us help you determine if our programs are the right fit to meet your needs.


Your Recovery, Supported by All

Step into a space where every walk of life unites for a common goal: recovery. Our team stands ready to welcome and support you, every step of the way.