Medicaid Coverage

Although we can't accept Medicaid, our commitment to your well-being remains unwavering. We are dedicated to assisting you in every way possible.

Explore the valuable resources on this page, curated to enhance your journey towards success.

Medicaid Coverage

Proceed by Following the Steps Below

You are not alone. Help is available. Follow the steps below for your best chance of overcoming your battle.

First step

Call the back of your Medicaid card

There will be a member services or customer service phone number.

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Second step

Connect with a representative

Once connected with a representative, let them know what services you are inquiring about (mental health/substance abuse).

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Third step

Screening / Assessment

If applicable, complete their mental health/substance abuse screening/assessment.

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Forth step

Follow directions

Follow the customer service/member service rep's directions to obtain referral.

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Fifth step

More services / resources

You can also look at for more local services/resources.

Inspiring Journeys

Meet the inspiring individuals who have conquered mental health challenges and successfully overcome substance abuse. These powerful stories are a testament to the strength within each person. Let these narratives serve as a source of motivation, reminding you that recovery is possible, and you have the resilience to overcome.

Medicaid and Addiction Recovery

Let us assist you on your journey to healing by offering valuable resources for self-empowerment. Explore the materials we've curated on this page, designed to support and guide you towards a path of well-being in your mental health and substance abuse recovery.

Addiction Recovery
Addiction Recovery
Addiction Recovery

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