How Sober Living Keeps You on the Right Track

Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction can be challenging. A sober living home can be a great resource to keep you on the right track.

How Sober Living Keeps You on the Right Track

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May 9, 2022

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Going through addiction recovery treatment is not for the faint of heart. It takes time, dedication, and pursuit to accomplish such a feat. However, getting out of addiction treatment may seem overwhelming or even entice fear. 

You may have just undergone detox, are trying to find healthy habits to instill in your life and are educating yourself about addiction. When you return to a normal lifestyle you once knew, however, old situations, friends, scenarios, and stressors can contribute towards potential triggers and relapses. 

This time may be challenging for you or your loved one. While you may feel positive and motivated to move forward, occasionally you might feel yourself progressing back into previous habits that once were comfortable. Due to situations like these, you may choose to continue your addiction recovery treatment in a sober living home. So how can a sober living home keep you on the right track during your recovery?

Surrounding Yourself With Others Who Focus On a Sober Lifestyle

Going to a sober living home provides a structured, safe, and comfortable living environment to help you receive the best chance to stay sober and avoid relapse. In addition, a sober living home is a place you can rest your head and develop the healthy habits you have learned. You can practice real-life scenarios with others who understand you and your situation. 

Sober living is an appropriate aftercare program that contributes to long-term success goals. It is possible that the initial treatment of detox and inpatient rehab may not be enough for you. Therefore, sober living homes provide the opportunity for you to have a jump start on rejoining society while still holding yourself accountable and responsible. Sober living lifestyles are a type of aftercare that is structured but allows for more freedom than the restrictions of Inpatient Rehab. 

You can have the ability to surround yourself with others who are on the same path as you to maintain a sober lifestyle. Within a sober living lifestyle, you will be practicing life skills and installing healthy tools and habits where you can rely on yourself and your peers to sustain sobriety. Typically, in sober homes, you have more access to tools, resources, and people who help you continue your path of recovery. The elements in sober living provide critical factors for your success with the expectation that you will uphold your chores and household duties. 

Rewards Found With Sober Living Homes

Deciding to choose a sober living home is very rewarding. Each individual in the home will complete practical chores and household duties while respecting and adhering to the rules.

Sober living homes put rules in action to protect you and others while enhancing comfort, safety, and the optimistic notion of maintaining daily sobriety. 

Additional rewards found in sober living homes are the communication skills you will gain. Living with others going through addiction recovery can help build and develop relationships while practicing setting boundaries within a structured environment.

Additionally, you have access to professional healthcare advisers who will randomly drug test you to uphold your accountability. Finally, sober living homes are where you can find help to transition back into a routine when you get out on your own. 

You can set yourself up for success in a sober living home and reteach yourself to adapt to a self-supporting and self-sufficient lifestyle. However, sober living homes are not free as they still have to pay for the utilities and the staff there to help you. Therefore, health insurance providers can provide payment plans or other forms of financial assistance while you live there. These facilities are typically not as expensive as other types of treatments. 

You deserve to have the ability to step back into reality confidently and comfortably. Sober living allows you to do just that. When you address that you have the strength and the ability to do it, your recovery process becomes more successful. Finding a sober living home to live in gives you the ability to stay connected with protection and assurance as you continue your journey.

Making the right decisions and finding encouragement is all the more reason to embark yourself into a sober living home. 

Sober Living Goes Beyond Rewards With The Forge

While the rewards are massive in sober living, combining those rewards with a robust, evidence-based addiction treatment program offers a greater chance for your recovery success.

Sober homes present real-life situations such as:

  • Celebrations

  • Making friends

  • Handling stressors

  • Finding work

  • Discovering hobbies

  • Participating in activities

  • Designing and developing a support system

  • Creating healthy habits, and routines

All while learning to live day-to-day while taking on the challenge of life. Sober living homes help you face these challenges with guidance from professionals and peers who can help prevent you from relapsing or being triggered. In addition, it allows you to implement the recovery tools taught from inpatient treatment and give you the guidance you deserve to rebuild necessary daily living life skills.

With the right tools, resources, connection, and community, you can have a smooth transition back into reality with a successful, healthy recovery. For more information on addiction recovery, contact The Forge Recovery Center today.

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