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How Sober Homes Help Build New Lives

Sober homes play a huge role in recovery. They’re part of building a new, healthy life after the ravages of addiction. Learn more in our blog!

How Sober Homes Help Build New Lives

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June 29, 2022

The Forge Recovery Center

Maintaining a substance use disorder often means giving up the things in life that provide you stability and meaning. Addiction takes a toll on relationships, finances, self-care, and your health. Admitting that you need help is the first step to recovery. 

Thousands of people have found themselves at rock bottom. Still, thousands of people have also sought help and were able to recover and learn to enjoy life again without substances. 

Sober Living Homes: What You Need To Know

Everything in life is recoverable, regardless of how dark it may seem. Sober living homes offer you a safe and accepting space where you can rediscover yourself, explore new lifestyles free from drugs and alcohol, and learn to enjoy life again without being weighed down by addiction.

Rediscovering Yourself Through Sober Living

When you are addicted, your substance of choice begins ruling your life. The things that were once important to you take a backseat. Addiction costs you your sense of self. To recover, you must redefine your priorities and explore what fills your cup with joy and peace. 

Love Yourself

Learning to love yourself is a critical part of recovery as it helps you define what gives you meaning and purpose outside of drugs and alcohol. This process of self-love is not a snap decision. It is a journey that takes time and the support of others to complete. 

In a sober living home, you will be with a community of people dedicated to their health and healing. Being surrounded by people that have gone through similar struggles gives you a place where you can share your experiences without shame and explore who you are in a compassionate environment. 

Living with people dedicated to recovery will also allow you to have conversations with others who are learning to love themselves. Speaking and engaging in activities with peers who share your goals will offer you insight into how to love yourself and a greater understanding and appreciation of who you are and the things that bring you joy. 

Exploring New Lifestyles Through Sober Living

Dreaming about a brighter future gives you hope. When you slip out of your daydream, you may become overwhelmed by depression and anxiety if you realize you are unsure of how to get to your dream destination. Remember, recovery is a process that requires time and patience with yourself, and it is okay not to know what your next steps should be. 

Learning Self-Care Practices

Sober living homes will provide the resources you need to explore new lifestyles and understand what your next steps should be. One of the essential tools provided by sober living homes is self-care. Staff in sober living homes are expertly trained to help you develop a routine that will help you learn to take care of yourself by providing:

  • Ways to get better sleep 

  • Opportunities for exercise

  • Therapies that will help you learn to self-reflect

  • Proper diet 

  • Resources to help recover and manage your finances

  • Tools to help you integrate back into a mainstream lifestyle

Learning to take care of yourself is vital as you travel to your dream destination. Taking care of yourself first and meeting your basic needs will provide you with the accountability, energy, and self-confidence to pursue your goals.

Most importantly, sober living homes will help you regain these life skills while providing a safe place free of drugs and alcohol. Staff will be there to help you through burnout, monitor and lessen cravings, and help keep you accountable to your goals of living a healthier life. 

Enjoying Life Again Through Sober Living

When you decide to get sober, you often realize that you made regrettable decisions that hurt you and those around you. It is normal to feel guilt over mistakes, as guilt is a helpful tool in realizing how your actions impact others. Yet, when guilt turns to shame, it can affect your ability to move forward. 

Shame is rooted in humiliation, self-hate, and confrontation. Shame is that extra step after guilt where you realize you have done something wrong, but now all you can think about is how bad of a person you are for making a mistake. It can make you feel like you do not deserve happiness or a new life, but that is not true. 

Mistakes Are Teaching Tools 

Everyone makes mistakes. Staff at sober living homes will provide you with one-on-one and group therapy opportunities to accept what you have done in the past and work towards asking for forgiveness from others and yourself. Sober living homes also often provide new, productive, and engaging activities that will put your attention on the now instead of dwelling on the past.  

The Forge Recovery Center Will Help You Build A New Life

Life after addiction can seem dark and scary, but you are taking the first step towards enjoying a life free from your addiction. We all make mistakes. What you have done in the past does not mean that you are not deserving of a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life.

At The Forge Recovery Center, we provide a judgment-free environment to help you move from your past into the future. Our programs are focused on recovery and providing a place free from drugs and alcohol where you can safely rediscover yourself and explore new lifestyles.

Meanwhile, our community and staff will help show you that there is a life after addiction where you can develop healthy relationships, reach your goals, give your permission to feel good, and learn to love yourself again.

For more information on how the programs at The Forge Recovery Center can help you build a new life for yourself, contact us today.

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