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Gaining Resilience Through Self-Care

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Gaining Resilience Through Self-Care

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April 22, 2022

The Forge Recovery Center

Whether you are powering through addiction recovery yourself or helping a loved one with the daunting process, you may experience episodes of sadness, hopelessness, and lack of motivation.

Addiction recovery, try as we might, does not happen overnight. You will need to remain resilient during this time – not just for yourself but for the ones you love.

Self-Care Strengthens the Mind, Body, and Spirit

Did you know that self-care can make you more resilient as you continue to brave through the process of recovery? Combined with medication, treatments, and behavioral therapies, studies have shown that different types of self-care can help an individual feel more motivated, positive, and full of hope. 

A positive attitude towards treatment can significantly impact the overall duration of rehabilitative therapies and the overall treatment experience. With resilience comes happiness, optimistic thinking, patience, positive energy, and renewed strength. 

Here are a few ways in which you can help your body and your spirit gain the resilience they need to help you overcome your addiction swiftly, efficiently, and without chances of relapse:

#1. Ask Yourself the Right Questions 

While struggling with addiction, your mind may be clouded with negative energy and thoughts that frequently demotivate you. One of the first things to do is ask yourself the right questions and then allow yourself a moment to ponder them. 

Self-care is not limited to getting a massage and a take-out but encompasses a wide range of daily activities and things you enjoy. 

A few questions that you should ask yourself when trying to implement self-care practices into your life include:

  • Am I getting enough sleep and rest at night?

  • Am I consuming a healthy, nutritious diet?

  • Do I drink enough water to cleanse my body and keep all the organs functioning optimally?

  • Do I take care of my physical health? Do I exercise daily?

  • Am I focusing on my spiritual well-being? Do I allocate a few moments or hours during the day to meditate?

  • Do I consciously take care of how I look? Am I treating my skin to the moisturizers and sunscreens it needs to prevent damage?

  • Do I meet the people I love, including friends and family, regularly?

  • Am I keeping up with my appointments? (Doctors, primary care physicians, gynecologists, dentists, dermatologists, therapists, etc.)

  • Do I take time out for myself to watch a movie, read a book, cook or order a favorite meal, indulge in a hobby, or simply nap when I want to?

Inner strength and positivity come from loving and respecting yourself. The answers to all these questions will take you one step further in the right direction on your journey.

#2. Nurturing the Skin

Believe it or not, when you look into the mirror, the reflection you see has a significant impact on you and how the rest of your day will pan out. Self-care is a projection of self-love. 

You can start with baby steps, nothing too huge or dramatic, just a dab of sunscreen during the daytime and your favorite moisturizer at night. A handful of other habits like washing your face before going to sleep or using a cleanser to remove all makeup and dirt after you come home can make a huge difference. 

The next time you look at yourself in the mirror, you might just see clearer, healthier-looking skin, and that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

#3. Nurturing the Body

The body is more complex; it needs to be taken care of superficially and from within. One of the most effective ways of gaining resilience is through exercise. Countless men and women worldwide who have successfully overcome their addictions speak volumes about the benefits of yoga and running. 

Simply by starting your day with the exercise you love, you can give yourself purpose and all the motivation you need to get up in the morning, get dressed, and power through the rest of the day. 

#4. Nurturing the Mind

When the mind is home to positive thoughts and a more optimistic view of life, it steers the body towards progress and meeting daily goals. Healthy habits like meditation, reading, and listening to motivational podcasts can equip the mind with everything it needs to help you overcome your addiction. 

#5. Nurturing the Soul

Meeting a friend or a loved one, spending time with your favorite animals, drinking a hot beverage, attending a religious service or sermon, an act of charity, attending a retreat or workshop, camping, or going for a hike, exploring a new city, or simply going out on a date can rejuvenate the soul. 

In moments when you are alone and at peace, try to think of all the things that genuinely make you feel happy. Make a list and then tick them off one by one. Whether you are with company or on your own, do a little something for yourself to keep your soul alive and kicking.

Learning to love, accept, and forgive yourself is the first step on the path to addiction recovery. To do this, however, it is essential to build resiliency. Being resilient can help you when you run into bumps in the road along your recovery journey. Self-care can help you achieve this resiliency.

Taking care of yourself is more than just doing what you like; it is taking care of your mind, body, and spirit. Nurturing these aspects of yourself can help you along your recovery journey.

At The Forge Recovery Center, we are here to help you on your path to healing. We understand that prescribed treatment goes hand in hand with self-care and that one may not prove to be as effective without the other. We can help you recover from addiction, build resilience, and learn how to take care of yourself.

For more information about The Forge’s program, call us today!

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