Can You Work During Drug Rehab?

Can You Work During Drug Rehab?Shape

Yes, working during drug rehab is possible, although it depends on the level of care you're looking for. The Forge can help work out a plan for you.

When you choose to seek out an addiction recovery center, it does not mean you have to sacrifice every element of your existence. These include things like your job, family obligations, or schooling. There are different ways to balance employment and rehabilitation daily and protect yourself while continuing your treatment. If you want to know other ways to work during rehab, we can help you.

Creating a New Routine

After going to residential or inpatient treatment, you have already chosen to establish a new routine free from substance use. Chances are you want to get back into life, live independently, and find a happy, successful career. Choosing to work is a fantastic way to rebuild your sense of purpose and provide direction in life. Working while in a treatment program can prove challenging, especially if the environment posts triggering elements.

Fortunately, there are creative ways to work while you continue your treatment, and one way is to create a daily routine you can hold yourself accountable to. In addition, some individuals choose to implement a strategic approach to their aftercare plans. 

It can mean seeking out potential job opportunities, taking advantage of assistance programs, and using online resources. All of these can help you establish a new routine to reintroduce you to an independent lifestyle where you can work and live successfully.

Sober Living Lifestyles

Another way you can implement work into your treatment plans is to consider your living arrangements. Sober living homes are fantastic options where you can continue getting the support you need, all while maintaining your commitment to your career. 

Sober living homes allow you to come and go as you please as long as you uphold the household rules. This may mean you have specific chores to complete each day and meetings to attend to every week. Sober living homes are great environments to utilize the skills learned in treatment and refine them before stepping back into society. Additionally, they can help you find work and provide positive reinforcement and references.

Consider Your Well-Being

In addition to your treatment plan, creating a routine for yourself can be of benefit too. When you implement a self-care plan, you will re-balance yourself and prioritize your recovery process. During rehab, considering your well-being is a way to work toward the future goal of consistent sobriety. You can consider different working activities to improve your well-being and physical health, which will help you find new ways to work toward your ultimate goal.

Consider Flexible Jobs

Another positive opportunity you can consider during rehab is to find a flexible job that comes with responsibilities and accountability. There are various jobs across the area to work part-time and maintain your recovery commitments. 

Flexible jobs can offer excellent options to avoid the risk of relapse, allowing you to choose the hours that are best suited for you while you continue rehab. Some individuals choose to work part-time or get a remote job where they can still uphold their recovery meetings, family obligations, and career progression.

Consider Volunteering

Another way you can work during rehab is to volunteer your time. Volunteering is a way to keep your hands busy and help you reintroduce yourself back into the work environment. 

Additionally, volunteer work has a way to teach you new skills you can use later on when you obtain a job outside of treatment. There are many different volunteering opportunities to help with the homeless, help other peers in recovery, and more. If you want to volunteer more often to keep yourself busy and to prepare you for reentering the workforce, talk with your counselor to see if it is a good option for your recovery process.

Get the Resources Available and Use Them

If you want to find employment during rehab, taking full advantage of online and offline resources can help you reach those goals. If you are going to find a job quickly, there are plenty of opportunities that you may least expect. Some of the online resources you can consider are The Salvation Army, the Department of Labor, or the National H.I.R.E Network.

Additionally, you can use the resources given to you in a sober living home or your addiction center. Many professionals understand that you will want to get your hands working again or find a job as quickly as possible. 

The Forge Recovery Center is fully staffed with resources and tools to help you find different ways you can work while you are in rehab. You deserve to have life fulfilled in every element, including employment.

You can explore different opportunities within our walls and on the phone by reaching out and talking to us today about balancing work and treatment. More importantly, if you struggle with substance use disorder and are looking for a way to overcome it, we are here for you. Contact The Forge Recovery Center today.

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