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Can I Get Help Paying for Rehab?

Addiction treatment isn't free, but there are ways it can be surprisingly affordable. We'll walk you through the various ways you can pay for rehab.

Can I Get Help Paying for Rehab?

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May 9, 2022

The Forge Recovery Center

The finances around paying for addiction recovery treatment loom over everyone's head at some point or another. Sometimes the stress of treatment costs is just as challenging as the addiction. Fortunately, treatment costs can vary across different treatment centers depending on the levels of care you may need. Additionally, you can now get the highest levels of care because of health insurance, financial options, and treatment guidance.

Is the Cost Deterring You From Getting Treatment?

Despite having health insurance, you may face the challenge of paying for addiction treatment when they first start looking into treatment options. It can cause unnecessary stress to your life because there are multiple options to choose from, and it can be overwhelming. 

It is essential to understand that sometimes the overwhelming influence of finances can deter you from getting the correct type of treatment. This is not uncommon, and you may find it challenging. Fortunately, there is a way to get the treatment you deserve and the proper guidance to help you find the finances to cover the costs. You do not need to be deterred from getting treatment because of the cost, as you deserve to live a healthy and happy life. 

Addiction Impacting Finances

When you set out to find addiction recovery treatment, locating finances to cover expenses can be burdensome. Often, funds may not be available because they were used to fuel an addiction. Like many areas of life, active addiction negatively impacts finances.

Some of the affected finances can include mortgages, rent, missed car payments, and loss of jobs. Therefore, finding a way to get back into the workforce after treatment may also inhibit the need to look for help. However, getting treatment is essential to reaching recovery goals. Having a supportive hand who guides you in the right financial direction will eliminate the stresses of previous lifestyle choices.

How Can You Pay For Addiction Recovery Treatment?

Many private health insurance providers will cover a portion of care at an addiction center. Furthermore, some health insurance providers will cover the entire costs right from the start. Your insurance provider will offer some benefits coverage for various treatments, but you do not have to determine what range you have by yourself. 

The cost of treatment can vary between $3000-$20,000 based on location and individual needs. That is not ideal for everyone and may seem unreasonable if you struggle with substance use. However, several resources are available to help you pay for treatment to get you back on the right path, armed with the ability to rebalance your finances, all while receiving treatment. 

Quality addiction recovery treatment centers will work with you together to see what your insurance coverage provider is and offer you financial options to find the means to cover the rest of the costs. Health care providers base their coverage on the chosen plan and your location. Additionally, healthcare providers have confidential services available to give you the highest potential recovery possible and help you with the costs. 

The bottom line is drug treatment professionals want to support and help you find suitable treatment options and plans of action to help you pay for the costs of addiction recovery treatment. You will learn more about your deductibles, copayments, network facilities, days covered, medications, and additional services, all with the help of a quality-driven recovery treatment facility. Since insurance is primarily straightforward regarding how they handle addiction treatment, you can enroll at any time a qualifying event takes place. However, it takes a few resources and calls to make the coverage available to receive. 

The team at The Forge is here to help you and guide you in the right direction, helping you find the means to pay for addiction recovery treatment. We also work with you and your unique situation, matching your needs to get the maximum coverage. When looking to enter recovery, you embark on a beautiful journey that is a lifetime commitment. Therefore, it is critical to start on the right foot.  

Each Phase of the Journey Requires an Individual's Dedication

When you have a quality-driven addiction recovery treatment center like The Forge working with you, you can get your priorities set and receive the treatment you deserve. 

Our center will help create a detailed plan, including a money management plan of action, to help you rebalance your life and regain control over your finances during addiction recovery and after. We accept various insurance plans, including PPO, and are here to help you figure out all the details.

You deserve to have the reassurance that a fresh new lifestyle is healthy and engaging, without the stress of finances holding you back. We will guide you down the right path with a stable environment, medical knowledge, and professional support, all within one central location. Our services and experts in finances will help you find the means to get the coverage for treatment to change your lifestyle.

For more information on how you can receive financial assistance for addiction recovery treatment, contact The Forge's financial advisors today.

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