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What Is SMART Recovery?

What is SMART Recovery? Learn more about how this addiction recovery program works and if it can benefit you with this blog. Call The Forge today!

What Is SMART Recovery?

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May 9, 2022

The Forge Recovery Center

Supporting someone who struggles with addiction can be overwhelming and stressful in many different ways. However, if you seek alternative options to best help yourself or help someone you love, SMART Recovery is one of the most accessible and effective tools to help.  

SMART Recovery offers a significant impact to influence lifestyle changes without enabling addictive behaviors effectively. SMART Recovery helps friends and family members better understand addiction, gives them peace of mind, and offers the tools to address the situation in a safe and supportive environment.

Learning more about SMART Recovery can help you find positive and effective options to help those struggling with addictions.

SMART Recovery: What Is It?

SMART Recovery has long been a part of a recovery community filled with support groups and meetings. Each individual involved in the program helps one another resolve concerns surrounding addiction. SMART Recovery is an effective and revolutionary way to help those struggling with addiction develop the power to change their lifestyle and find purpose to fulfill recovery goals. 

The program is backed by science and research to transform the lives of everyone affected by addiction. Additionally, the approach provides the tools and resources to influence self-sufficiency, self-management, and proactive recovery management strategies. The harmful elements of addictive behaviors leave individuals feeling helpless and hopeless. Utilizing a program dedicated to life-building skills in the midst of addiction can completely transform individuals' lives and the lives of those around them. 

SMART Recovery is an option to help friends, family members, and their loved ones struggling with addiction have a good avenue of recovery. Its effectiveness stems from the practical tools and compassionate community members that support it. 

How SMART Recovery Works

Involved individuals receive comprehensive recovery training and self-management options to help with various addictive behaviors. It can include:

and more. The program works by conducting different meetings and activities through quality organization and scheduling. 

Smart Recovery was not created as a professional therapy option but rather a peer-to-peer and volunteer support option. Instead, it helps individuals who seek self-independence and handle problematic behaviors by implementing different recovery pathways through choice and options. 

The program begins with a science-based 4-point program filled with meetings and aspirations to help others who struggle with different addictions. 

The techniques and tools used as points include:

  • Coping with urges and triggers

  • Managing thoughts and behaviors

  • Redesigning a balanced lifestyle

  • Maintaining ambition

Meetings involve tools and resources to help maintain motivation for sobriety and manage realistic life scenarios in problem-solving solutions. They can also help those struggling with addiction cope with triggers and cravings to redevelop a balanced lifestyle based on their circumstances. 

The program works individually for each person and benefits those who want to focus on abstinence. Individuals are informed about various recovery options and meetings in their local area. Individuals and their loved ones can be encouraged to take responsibility and accountability for their recovery. 

The meetings help each person regulate their behaviors and find the capacity to enjoy a fulfilling life with a compassionate community. Meetings cover various topics, including self-responsibility, self-discipline, destructive thoughts, healthy beliefs, achievable goals, recognizing impulses, resisting urges, finding peace and patience, and applying the tools and resources to day-to-day challenges. 

Who Uses SMART Recovery?

Many individuals in addiction recovery, including friends and family members, take full advantage of using the SMART Recovery program.

Since the motives for addiction recovery cannot be forced, SMART is capable of re-creating meaningful changes because it influences feelings, comfortability, and compassion together in a unified environment. The program has many participants that express different scenarios regarding their life circumstances—perhaps their journey in recovery—and help support others who are going through similar situations as they experience the recovery process themselves. 

This is an effective way to stay involved in addiction recovery and support the needs of others with your specific beliefs and personal values. The program helps regulate emotional behavior and is designed to be a well-rounded choice. It can help individuals who struggle with drug addictions, behavioral disorders, alcoholism, and more. With countless meetings and community members who can provide information and treatment-related questions to explore alternative options in aftercare planning, treatment options, and maintaining a well-balanced lifestyle, the sky is the limit.

We want to help you and your loved one gain a complete experience on a positive and successful recovery path.

Support Groups Like SMART Are Even Better With An Addiction Center

The SMART Recovery program is a great resource for each individual to apply and practice different strategies in their daily lives and overcome addiction and its challenges. It’s even more effective when combined with the evidence-based programs of an addiction center like The Forge Recovery Center.

If you or your loved one struggle with addiction and want to know more about how SMART Recovery works, don't hesitate to contact The Forge to find a program that works for you

Call today to see how it can benefit you.

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