Why a Recovery Community Needs a Role Model

Why a Recovery Community Needs a Role ModelShape

November is celebrated as National Inspirational Role Models Month as they are crucial in recovery. Contact The Forge today to learn more!

People constantly look up to others who have achieved what seems to be impossible for them. This is the reason why there exists so much admiration for superheroes in our society. Role models have a significant impact on the life of almost everyone as we intentionally or unintentionally tend to adopt the qualities of these people ourselves. Their character, thoughts, and achievements inspire us and guide us about possible things due to determination and dedication.

National Inspirational Role Models Month is observed and celebrated throughout November across the United States. This is a month to honor those in our life who set an excellent example for us to follow.

Role models can belong to any age category. It might be Stephen Hawkings, who contributed to the research of black holes and cosmology despite suffering from disability to walk on his own. It can also be Malala Yosoufzai, who won a Nobel prize Prize at the age of 17.

Similarly, there are people who not only have recovered from the most complicated addictions in the world but have also inspired others to do the same. 

Importance of Role Models in Addiction Recovery

From the most successful CEOs to normal everyday citizens, each admires a person(s) who influences their behaviors and work ethics. These people create a blueprint for our social behaviors and affect our day-to-day decisions indirectly. It’s common to hear from the top athletes and entrepreneurs talking about their inspirations.

Good role models are especially crucial for persons who are recovering from addiction. They will be able to follow a well-trodden route to success as a result of this. Early sobriety can be particularly difficult, so learning from people who have successfully traveled this route before you makes sense.

Today’s Iron Man, star Mr. Robert Downey Jr. is currently the highest-paid actor in Hollywood, but he hasn’t always had it easy. He used to be addicted to alcohol, cocaine, and heroin not long ago. He was even arrested after racing his automobile down Sunset Boulevard while intoxicated, at one of his lowest points. Downey Jr. overcame his bad habits and restored his acting career, making him a superhero on and off-screen.

Stars like Johny Depp, Megan Fox, and Samuel L. Jackson have also successfully recovered from dangerous drug addictions.

Identification of Role Model

There are times when we cannot understand where we stand and whom to choose as our role models. This might seem a bit complicated for a while, but it’s easy to identify and celebrate your role model by going through a simple sequence of steps.

Firstly, identify and discover yourself and your passion. Knowing what you want in life is the perfect foundation for finding a role model. For instance, if you wish to become a professional soccer player, you might choose Christiano Ronaldo as your role model. If you want to excel as an entrepreneur, you might select Steve Jobs as your inspiration. Thus, once you identify what you want to achieve, start searching for people who have successfully achieved what you desire and immerse yourself in the subject or the area they inspire you to follow.

Effect of a Role Model in Addiction Recovery

Choosing suitable role models can speed up the recovery process and help in successful recovery from drug addiction. It is suggested that people in recovery stick with winners, i.e., connecting with people who were successful in recovering from their addiction. This helps motivate them and makes them think, “if they can do it, why can’t I.”

However, it is equally dangerous when an individual chooses an unfit role model. Having an unfit role model can influence you to squander all the good and hope of entering into recovery and may encourage people to engage in high levels of addiction that can lead to severe consequences.

When you choose someone who has already recovered and is living a healthy life, these people will be able to help you by giving sound advice, hope, and positivity for the betterment of your life. A good role model can play a significant role when you are in your most difficult phases of life. It might be a challenge to withdraw from a dangerous addiction, or it might be a situation where you are hopeless.

Even you can become a role model for someone when you deny giving up on a challenge and continue to move ahead. Some of the qualities of a great role model are humility, kindness, honesty, consistency, and willingness to help others during difficult situations.

Role models play a crucial role in the recovery process. Choosing a suitable role model ensures that you stay focused on the right path and follow the blueprint for success. By watching them, you get inspired, motivated, and committed to the right initiatives that completely change your life.

The world has seen people who have not only recovered from their addictions successfully but have also set a benchmark of success for others. These individuals are creating an impact on a global community, and simply by following their footsteps and our professional support, you can overcome almost every addiction. All it takes is both true dedication and submission for success.

Let's celebrate them this month and thank them for inspiring many people around. If you or your loved ones suffer from any addiction, feel free to reach out to us today.

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