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What Happens If You Avoid Rehab?

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What Happens If You Avoid Rehab?

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May 12, 2022

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Substance use is dangerous no matter what, and the risks are even higher if you avoid rehab. There are various reasons for avoiding going to rehab and understanding where reluctance comes from can create further insight into the addiction recovery journey. 

Furthermore, if you are here because you are wondering if you can avoid rehab for legal reasons, we want to help you gain some perspective into what could happen if you choose to avoid rehab rather than deciding to embark on the journey.

Common Reasons for Avoidance

The NSDUH acknowledges that around 96% of individuals who struggle with substance use do not find or even adequately seek out treatment options. One plausible reason could be financial concerns, or maybe they are not yet ready to get help and address the challenges of their substance use.

Among the millions of people who live across the United States, a considerable percentage of the population struggles with a substance use disorder. Still, many do not seek help because of the aforementioned reasons or have not yet found the right treatment plan to help.

It is important to understand that substance use is a disorder where outside chemicals alter the state of your thinking and reactions. This explanation can be a straightforward reason why you would want to avoid rehab in the first place. The ability to live a healthy, happy life seems almost impossible when the brain does not recognize that reality as a healthy alternative.

There is a lot of anxiety and distress that coincides with substance use, and often when the rehab conversation is broached, the situation can be disastrous. Seeking help for substance use is a critical element. It can stop fatalities and reduce substance use crises across the United States. Other options as to why you would want to avoid rehab include:

  • Denial

  • Uncertainty

  • Fear

  • Impossibility and shame

  • Addiction recovery stigmas

  • Hopeful delusions

  • Financial costs and time complexions

Consequences of Avoiding Rehab

Avoiding rehab because of personal convictions or time restraints can have real consequences. If you leave your substance use alone or untreated, the fallout goes beyond medical concerns and could lead to fatalities.

The vicious cycle of substance use is like a snowball effect. As the snowball travels downhill, it gets bigger and bigger— substance use is similar. It can increase financial problems, disabilities, health problems, relationship problems, and the development of increased dependency on the substance itself. This can lead to overdosing and death. Sadly, avoiding rehab may mean that you do not concern yourself with real short-term or long-term damage.

If substance use is left untreated, the damage can be disastrous. Your heart, kidneys, brain, lungs, and other organs will be damaged, leading to complete physical failure. Furthermore, the areas of happiness and progression in life will start lacking. It is difficult to bounce back as the dependency of the substance progresses. 

Over time, the disorder will worsen due to its chronic nature and wreak havoc on every element of your life. Your relationships will begin to waver or cease to exist as you isolate yourself, and personal hygiene will never matter less.

When you do not have healthy control over your body and your reactions, everything around you may start seeming unmanageable and overwhelming. Those who avoid rehab often can find themselves with chronic illnesses. The scary thing about leaving substance use untreated is that it leads to potential overdose and death. If you choose to avoid treatment, you are doing yourself an unfortunate disservice.

If someone around you suggests that you go to rehab, you should consider this option because people care about you, and you would not be reading this if you were in total opposition. It is, of course, natural to wonder if you can prevent a stay in rehab. If you are potentially mandated because of a legal issue, updating yourself on the consequences for violating court order rehab treatment is essential. 

If you want to avoid rehab because it stemmed from a conviction, the consequences can lead to long-term incarceration. Ask yourself if it would be better to jumpstart your future, avoid long-term confinement, and have faith in someone to help you before you throw your freedom away.

The Recovery Process Is Not One of Judgement

Addiction recovery is not meant to scare you away or encourage you to change everything about who you are. Instead, it allows and provides you options to find meaning and direction in life.

People often want to avoid going to an addiction center for many reasons, but they may not realize that people are there to help comfort them and encourage them to take that next step forward. It is scary when you lose someone to substance use or have been a part of the struggle itself; however, when you undergo the process and find a new light in yourself because of your decision, life becomes something more significant than it ever was before.

The Forge Recovery Center can help you make the right decision for yourself or a loved one. Our team will be with you every step of the way when you make your decision with us. Contact The Forge Recovery Center today!

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