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Rehab Near Me Not Always the Best Choice

Nobody likes to move. However, in recovery moving away from harmful social connections and locations can be the smartest move of all. Call today!

Rehab Near Me Not Always the Best Choice

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May 9, 2022

The Forge Recovery Center

There are many misconceptions about finding a drug rehab close to home. One of the misconceptions is that choosing a local drug rehab versus an out-of-state drug rehab is always the best choice.

Sometimes, moving is your best move in addiction recovery.

Finding a local drug rehab or an out-of-state drug rehab center is a matter of choice. Finding the correct type of facility based on your situation can make all the difference in the end.

Consider all of your options and learn about the controversies between a local drug rehab versus an out-of-state drug rehab center.

Considering Treatment and Why

The first step in seeing a change in your life comes down to whether or not you are considering treatment and your reasons as to why you want to live a healthier lifestyle. If you struggle with a substance use disorder, the physical and mental changes alter your brain and body's function. When the changes are excessive or difficult to handle, treatment provides a means to eliminate or grasp them and regain control of your life again.

Take note of warning signs like health concerns, fluctuations in career, substance tolerance, or troubled relationships. It may be time to consider treatment and why it would be best for you. If you choose to go on the addiction recovery path, finding the right treatment program is essential to your circumstances. Not every treatment will work for you, and other options may be best suited for you.

Your choices can be limited in drug rehab centers because of the following:

  • Your age and gender

  • Health history

  • Financial situation

  • Social support

  • Substance(s) used

  • Underlying mental health concerns

  • Treatment plans

When choosing the right drug rehab center to address your substance use, be sure to take all of these into account. When you first admit you need help with a substance use disorder, reaching out to a treatment center near you for information is always a good first step.

It is essential to understand that the treatment will take time, and there may be other treatment facilities that are best suited for you and your needs. For example, while one treatment center may require 30 days, another may require 90 more, depending on your needs.

Additionally, some facilities may treat the substance you are struggling with, while others may not. Determining which facility is suitable for you can help you discover whether a local or an out-of-state drug rehab center would help you the best.

Local Drug Rehabs May Not Be the Best Decision

When you enter treatment, you may choose to go to a local treatment center to stay close to home and find support around your environment. This decision allows you to have immediate access to your friends and family, but it may not be the best choice overall. Local drug rehabs are fantastic at helping encourage you to re-amplify your life and regain control. Although, sometimes, an out-of-state option may have more substantial benefits that meet your needs.

Some of the benefits of finding an out-of-state or long-distance drug rehab center include fewer distractions, customized treatment approaches, and distance from environmental elements. Additionally, an out-of-state option will present you with more of a challenge to walk out the door because your home is not right on the corner. Going out of state could provide some disadvantages as well, because it may not suit your situation.

Some out-of-state options make it challenging to engage with friends and family, take away time from work or home responsibility, cause trouble with new relationships, or cost more than one in-state.

Understanding the differences between a localized drug rehab center versus a long-distance drug rehab center depends on your specific needs and your value on recovery success. If you find it challenging to pull yourself away from an environment that triggers substance use, an out-of-state drug rehab center may be a better decision. Alternatively, if you need more local resources and connections, local drug rehab may be better. You may confuse the options because you may not understand your needs to succeed in recovery.

Use Resources to Help You Take the Following Steps in or Out of Local Drug Rehab Centers

When you are first looking for the best treatment option and program to meet your needs, a drug rehab center can offer you education and support. Additional resources to help you take the next step include discussions with your healthcare providers, treatment locators, support groups, and gathering information from a local treatment center near you.

Nobody Likes To Move … But Moving Can Save Your Life

Your surroundings can contribute to relapse and even resuming drug use. Friends still engaged in substance abuse, memories of old hangouts, and more can hold you back on your journey towards freedom from addiction.

Moving away from home can be challenging, but recovery centers can help you find places to live, such as sober homes. They can even find a detox center near your new home, too.

The Forge Recovery Center can help you determine if moving is your right path. For more information, contact us today.

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