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5 Ways Study Drugs Are Dangerous To Abuse

Stimulants such as Ritalin and Adderall help people live normal lives ... but rapidly become dangerous when abused. Call The Forge today for help.

5 Ways Study Drugs Are Dangerous To Abuse

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May 5, 2022

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College is a place where individuals expand their minds and blossom into productive members of society through education, fun, and real-life experiences. When individuals decide to go to college, many leave home and choose a facility away from their parent's house. Many college students begin to experience real-life events such as watching their friends drink alcohol and party while exploring their newfound freedom. 

College is not without its stressors. Balancing education, employment, and social life are all part of this new independence. Due to the amount of stress that causes students to be overwhelmed at times, they may find themselves inclined to turn to a substance in the form of a study drug. There are known links between mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression and substance use.

However, study drugs carry their own set of risks, and it is best to be informed before considering taking them.

What Are Study Drugs?

Study drugs are prescription medications that help individuals better focus and concentrate on educational activities such as writing and studying.  They also increase the mental capacity to cram information for exams and finals. Study drugs help individuals focus and stay awake for a longer time. 

These drugs were not created to enable individuals to study but rather to help individuals with ADD or ADHD. Individuals diagnosed with ADD or ADHD struggle with tasks including concentrating and focusing on one task at a time.

Therefore, the medication given to them helps them effectively categorize and store the information, because the chemicals in their body cannot do it independently. However, college students have found that prescription medication enhances their studying ability and helps them stay awake for extended periods. These study drugs do come with extreme dangers, though, if the individual does not have ADD or ADHD.

Some of the standard study drugs likely to be abused in college or outside of college include Adderall, Ritalin, Concerta, and caffeine pills. There are more to add to the list; however, these are the most popular drugs found in colleges across the United States. The effects of these drugs are attractive to college students because they provide short-term alertness and improve thoughtfulness throughout exams. 

While the drugs are not proven to assist with the execution of knowledge necessarily, they do help with the ability to focus. Students like the results, which often entices them to sell the medications to their college friends, so they too can experience a boost in academic performance.

Why Study Drugs Are Dangerous

Study drugs are attractive to college students and individuals who have stressors in their day-to-day lives. This may involve not being able to focus on one thing to the next without assistance.

Unfortunately, full-time college students who have schoolwork, are employed, have a social life, and extracurricular activities to focus on may be more inclined to use stimulant drugs. After using them for the first or second time, many individuals are more willing to use stimulants again. Furthermore, these prescription drugs are easily available because of the number of individuals offering or selling them in the local area.

Almost one out of four individuals who take study drugs are not prescribed medication and will take medicine for nonmedical reasons. Some of the side effects that can cause dangers are increased anxiety, nervousness, paranoia, or insomnia. While some of the side effects may seem like they are not harmful, the misuse of the drug can lead to dangerous situations.

The Five Dangers of Study Drugs

The scariest thing about study drugs is that they can lead to overdose and fatal outcomes. Some individuals may experience dizziness, increased blood pressure, constipation, and other symptoms of the study drugs if they were not prescribed the medication.

Furthermore, when a study drug is combined with other substances such as alcohol, the fatality risks rise to dangerous levels. Therefore, it is essential to understand the dangers of these particular drugs to prevent overdose or cardiac issues. Research shows that individuals who are not prescribed medication report that they have taken the medication within the past month and are more likely to take additional substances like cocaine or opioids in the future.

The five dangers of study drugs include:

  • Increased risks of consuming and abusing additional illicit drugs

  • Potential overdoses – although not as potent as methamphetamines, overdose from study drugs can resemble methamphetamine overdose

  • Serious side effects and health-related issues

  • Lowered mental health despite the short-term side effects

  • Possibility of encountering a fatal outcome

Stop the Distress and Find Help Today

The distressing symptoms resulting from overdoses of study drugs create disturbing patterns. They can lead individuals to pursue substance use in the future. When an individual chooses to use a substance to alleviate discomfort, the substance can lead to abuse and further progress to fatal outcomes.

Stress Contributes To Substance Abuse

The Forge understands how a substance can be alluring and stimulating in stressful situations. We know what it's like to see an individual struggle with substance abuse even when their intentions were not to have an addiction. It is essential to understand that the study drugs are meant for the individuals with medication prescribed to them and not for those who want to take them for non-medical reasons.

If you need help focusing and concentrating on your college career and academics, speaking with a healthcare professional may better prepare you to get through the challenging time. However, if you struggle with substances or find yourself inclined to use study drugs and do not want to deal with the dangers of the study drugs, speaking to a professional treatment center will help you immediately.

For more information on the hazards of study drugs and how you can find help for stimulant abuse, speak with our caring team today.

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