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Drug Detox: Don't Try This At Home

Drug detox is the first important step in recovery, but it should never be done at home. Detoxing by yourself can be dangerous, call The Forge today!

Drug Detox: Don't Try This At Home

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May 12, 2022

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When choosing to eliminate toxic substances from your body and redirect your life in a healthier direction, it may be tempting to consider doing it at home. Attempting detox without professional help is unsafe and may put your life or the lives of others in danger. 

There are many reasons why you should be under the care of professionals in a substance use treatment center when detoxing from drugs or alcohol. The intense physical and emotional changes that happen as the toxins leave your body can be overwhelming. It is essential to go through detox at a professional drug rehab and not try detoxing at home.

Withdrawals Are Not the Only Risks

The detox process purges addictive substances from your body and is the first critical stage of substance use recovery. Detox can eliminate alcohol, drugs, or other unhealthy substances from your body within a period of time. Though this is a great start to recovery when done under medical supervision, if detox is attempted alone or with people who are not qualified to oversee a detox properly, it can put you in danger.

In fact, detoxing by yourself (aka the “cold turkey” method) can even kill you.

The physical and psychological pain that occurs when the purge of toxins begins cannot be alleviated or safely monitored without medical supervision. Many behavioral, psychological, and physical problems can happen during detox. Doing it on your own is much less likely to lead to a healthy, safe, and ultimately effective outcome. Quitting cold turkey from a substance your body is dependent on can lead to fatal outcomes or put you at more risk for severe health concerns.

When detoxing is done in a professional environment, your safety and progress can be monitored, your symptoms can be eased with the help of medications or other treatments, and your recovery process will begin with purposeful direction. It also increases the chances of your detox being successful: 61% of people who try to detox by themselves are unsuccessful.

Most importantly, the risk of serious health issues or fatal outcomes from detox is lowered dramatically because of the professional’s experience and understanding of how the detox process unfolds. Any other underlying health issues you may also be dealing with can be safely addressed as well. A substance use treatment program can help you eliminate the toxins from your body and ensure your goal of beginning recovery through detox is realized.

Building a Life of Success with Drug Rehab

There are various stages of substance use treatment. Many of these involve building a healthy, purposeful life after the toxins from substance use leave the body. By going through drug rehab with a professional, you can conquer substance use with fewer risks and greater effectiveness. There is no need to hesitate in beginning to work toward recovery with a drug rehab center. Substance abuse puts your life at risk, and if you want to eliminate it, there are treatment options that will meet your individual needs and circumstances.

For example, if you are nervous about the withdrawals, there are professional medications available to help that you will not have access to these at home. If you are worried about how you will be able to maintain a substance-free lifestyle after you leave intensive treatment, there are sober living options available to help with your transition back into society. 

Regardless of what treatment options you consider, drug rehab will give you the support you need, not only to be initially successful, but to maintain success in recovery. Trying to eliminate substance use on your own may not be as effective and can lead you to progress further in your substance use disorder.

Not only will rehab give you access to professionals who are qualified and experienced in helping individuals conquer substance use disorders, but it will also put you in contact with peers who can support you. Something powerful happens when people come together to help one another as the recovery journey unfolds. 

When you have like-minded people around you who have been through similar situations, you open the door to long-term treatment success. You also have the opportunity to develop healthy relationships that support your new lifestyle, which can in turn motivate you to extricate yourself from any relationship that discourages your progress.

Conquer Substance Use Today

When a detox is done in a drug rehab facility or another professional environment, you will have medical supervision, a network of support, and more external sources of motivation to pull through the difficult stages. This can help you achieve a higher purpose and build a life of fulfillment with confidence. 

Professional drug rehab will help you tackle your treatment program and build fruitful lives outside of treatment as you get down to the heart of the substance use disorder. In addition, beginning with a proper detox can help you avoid relapse after treatment ends.

If you or someone you love is considering detoxing from drugs or alcohol, remember not to try it at home. Instead, contact a professional who understands how to safely eliminate toxins from the body without damaging your body or putting others’ lives at risk. 

Drug Rehab Will Change Your Life

By embarking on your recovery journey with a professional by doing a medically supervised detox, you will have the one-up on being successful with the process. After the detox is over, the facility will continue to support you as you change your life to end the substance use disorder and create a fulfilled life free of substance use.

The Forge Recovery Center will be by your side during your entire recovery, from detox to aftercare. We’re committed to seeing you develop a life worth living. Contact The Forge Recovery Center now!

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