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Can I Pay For Rehab With Disability?

There are ways to pay for recovery with disability payments, but it's complicated. Our blog examines this complex situation. Call The Forge today!

Can I Pay For Rehab With Disability?

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May 11, 2022

The Forge Recovery Center

Every element of life is often affected when substance use inflicts emotional and physical wounds on those who struggle with substance use. The lives of suffering individuals truly become more demanding as the days pass.

As a result, many individuals seek out opportunities to eliminate the infliction from substance use by considering substance use treatment as a means to overcome their challenges and find purpose in life again. 

One of the hurdles when seeking substance use treatment is the expenses of the treatment itself. Substance use treatment can be quite costly for many individuals, especially when their finances are unstable because of the disability. It is important to know that financial assistance for rehab is available, and there are resources to get help.

Financial Elements of Substance Use Treatment

There are various substance use treatment options one can consider when beginning a recovery journey. Often, individuals will find ranging costs for different treatment plans. Those who are disabled often feel as if they may have limited resources to complete treatment because they cannot financially cover its costs.

Fortunately, there is no longer a need to stress about the finances of recovery because of specific laws put in place and acts established.

For example, if an individual has a mental health disorder or medical condition, the Affordable Care Act created a law to include individual health coverage specifically for substance use treatment. Another act set in place is the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act which helps individuals avoid limitations for substance use treatment due to their health insurance plan. 

The financial elements of substance use treatment are now more accessible to those who struggle from state to state. Grants and health insurance coverage are there to better support those who need help with the cost of treatment.

Paying for Rehab With Disability Income

Another common concern is if disability pay can cover substance use treatment. When an individual receives disability income, it is considered an option for some treatment facilities. Disability does define recovery precisely. There are many elements and financial aid for those on Medicaid food stamps that can provide help at little to no cost.

Furthermore, coverage can be provided through an employer's disability plan or Medicare, depending on the location and services. Since there are various elements of what each can cover, Medicare parts A and B can help with the cost of treating mental health conditions and substance use disorders.

The coverage can include various levels of care that include inpatient, outpatient, or medical types of treatment. Individuals who have mental and physical disabilities have multiple options to consider when looking at the cost of substance use treatment. 

One of the best ways an individual can determine if their disability plan can cover the costs is to visit their local state or government website to determine what programs and partnerships meet their current needs. Likewise, speaking with an addiction recovery center, like The Forge Recovery Center, can be a direct and quick way an individual can learn how to find financial aid for substance use treatment.

Alternative Options to Pay For Rehab

The cost of rehab can be quite high depending on the type of treatment chosen and the facility. In addition, there are concerns about individuals who do not have insurance or may not have a stable income. They may qualify for federal or state assistance, and often depending on the drug rehab, financing is offered through the facility.

Some options that can potentially be found include sliding scales, scholarships, grants, or payment plans. Yet, it does depend on which facility is chosen and the location for available financial help. It is important to remember that financial assistance is available for anyone who wants to receive substance use treatment. Fortunately, because of the new laws set in place, alternative payment options are now becoming more accessible for those who need help with the challenges of substance use disorders. Therefore, access to affordable treatment is much easier than ever before. 

The Forge Recovery Center wants to help all who are in need and guide them in the right direction to eliminate substance use from their lives. With our extensive resources and tools available, anyone seeking help can pick up the phone and contact us to understand more regarding treatment, treatment plans, and the costs of specific treatments. The Forge Recovery Center accepts a variety of insurance options, including PPO, and we are here to guide all who need assistance in the right direction.

The Forge Recovery Center Works With You To Figure Out What’s Covered

We don't want you to feel overwhelmed about the financial elements of recovery because your health and well-being are more important than any price tag. However, if you think you need more information about the financial aspects of rehab, you can take advantage of using our resources and our professional experts today.

There are multiple options available and programs you can choose from to help you afford the cost of your substance use treatment, and we are here to help you enter substance use treatment because it's about your health, your future, and your well-being. Please give The Forge Recovery Center a call today to learn more about payment for rehab with disability benefits or if you need more information about substance use treatment.

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