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Can Addiction Centers Help with the Challenge of Self-Medicating?

Self-medicating is a route to addiction. Learn how addiction centers can help you quit self-medication and receive the care you need.

Can Addiction Centers Help with the Challenge of Self-Medicating?

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May 19, 2022

The Forge Recovery Center

Sober living homes and addiction centers can help people with substance use disorders, but do they also help people who struggle with self-medicating?

Yes. In fact, these are excellent treatment options for the challenge of self-medicating. Sober living homes counteract the normalization of substance use by providing an encouraging, substance-free social and individual environment. They provide stable foundations for individuals who want to develop and practice a healthier lifestyle, including individuals who may be prone to self-medicating.

Why People Self-Medicate

Sadly, there are plenty of reasons why individuals choose self-medication over getting professional help.

Within a society that values independence and self-reliance, many individuals fall prey to the idea that they should treat their own medical or psychological conditions themselves. Frustration with medical facilities that provide a substandard level of care can worsen the temptation to self-medicate.

Social pressure from peers or the family is also believed to influence people to turn to self-medication. Complex life challenges can also make people fall prey to the habit of self-medicating, especially when their other coping methods do not provide the relief they desire.

These complex problems can include many different factors that can draw an individual into the vicious cycle of self-medicating. It can start with experimentation, loss or neglect, trauma, boredom, or other unmet needs for stimulation and meaningful engagement.

People who are trying to break a substance use disorder on their own may use self-medication to help them cope without their previous substances of choice. Unfortunately, this can be dangerous and even lead to another addiction.

Why Self-Medicating Is Dangerous

Often, self-medication develops into a substance abuse disorder without the individual realizing that they are developing a dependence. Not only can self-medicating lead to addictions, but it can put people at risk for other serious health issues.

Unfortunately, breaking this unhealthy habit can be a very difficult challenge. This is especially true for people who began self-medicating to help themselves escape a previous substance use disorder. These individuals will be dealing with an addiction to yet another substance rather than developing a lifestyle that sustains well-being without the need for substances.

The Necessity of Change

Regardless of the factors that caused someone to turn to self-medication in the first place, self-medicating habits or behaviors need to be stopped as soon as possible to avoid further risks of addiction and other serious health issues.

Change is necessary, but it can also be complicated and difficult, especially when dependence on a substance is involved. Fortunately, there are people and programs that can help. Experienced addiction recovery professionals provide compassionate and effective care that gives individuals the tools to build a healthier and happier lifestyle, free of self-medication and substance abuse.

How Addiction Centers Can Help

Addiction recovery treatment programs available at addiction centers and sober living homes offer holistic approaches that can give individuals the tools and resources needed to overcome substance use disorders and stop self-medicating.

Addiction treatment helps people avoid abusing substances and medications by giving them more constructive strategies to cope with pain and build a better life. The professionals will work with individuals to create treatment programs tailored specifically to their situations and help them identify any influences that may be holding them back in their recovery. 

When the sources of negativity in individuals' lives are identified, they will learn how to address them with appropriate means and responses. This way, they will have more effective coping mechanisms and be less tempted to return to self-medicating or abusing other substances.

People in rehab are encouraged to take full advantage of treatment options such as mindfulness practice, individual counseling, group therapy, stress-relieving activities, goal-setting sessions, and relationship building with peers who understand the struggle of addiction. 

These treatments encourage reflection and growth as individuals work through the process of changing their lives and mindsets to thrive without self-medication. They will not only eliminate substance abuse, but they will also build a life that sustainably supports their sobriety.

Get Help Today At The Forge Recovery Center

Unfortunately, many people who struggle with self-medication feel isolated or ashamed, which can make the cycle of self-medication worse.

Individuals do not have to tackle the challenge of self-medication alone. Treatment facilities can work with them to help them stop self-medicating by putting them in contact with professionals and peers who understand. Rehab provides a network of support that can make all the difference in someone's recovery. Having peers who understand addiction personally and are also on the journey toward a better life can help people stay committed and motivated as they recover.

If individuals struggle with self-medicating or another substance use disorder, reach out for help today. Addiction recovery treatment and sober living options can make all the difference for people struggling with substance use disorders, including self-medication.

The Forge Recovery Center provides a stable and secure environment in which the recovery journey can begin. We will push you (or your loved one) to motivate and inspire themselves to build a life without the need to self-medicate. For more information on how rehab can help with self-medicating, contact us today.

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