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Why Is P2P Meth More Dangerous?

The same drug made more dangerously, p2p meth is rapidly becoming more popular .... and destroying lives. Learn more by calling The Forge today!

Why Is P2P Meth More Dangerous?

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May 9, 2022

The Forge Recovery Center

New addictive drugs are rising in the United States. Although individuals have used meth for years, the current street version of the drug is becoming more robust as time goes on.

Currently, P2P meth is gaining notoriety regarding street distribution, superseding the original chemical due to toxic chemical changes and creation.

But why is P2P meth more dangerous than the original variety?

The Original Method Versus the New

Meth is made primarily from over-the-counter substances and has been circulating on the streets since the early 1970s. Meth affects the central nervous system and acts as a stimulant. Its primary means of use are injecting, smoking, and snorting the substance.

The substance is illegal and relates to a long history of health conditions. Initially, meth was used to help patients struggling with various symptoms associated with narcolepsy or other health conditions like ADD or ADHD. When the substance produced more substantial side effects and health concerns, the drug became illegal to manufacture.

Medicines like Sudafed, or others containing ephedrine, were often cooked in small amounts to produce a 10-pound batch of meth. As time went on, the creative approach to making meth soon spawned easier ways to make over 200 pounds per batch successfully. Additionally, the time it took to produce the original substance was shorter as it could be completed within a few days.

The P2P meth, made from clear liquids, is a cheaper but more toxic way to produce larger batches and gives the cooks and dealers more accessible access to production methods. Some of the chemical makeup in P2P meth includes mercury, acetone, racing fuel, and sulfuric acid. All of these have a heightened concentration to prolong and enhance the drug's effects. 

As a result, those who use P2P meth find themselves extending their waking hours and experiencing hallucinations for extended periods.

The Gateway to Substance Use Disorder and Its Dangers

The newest version of meth, P2P, has little to no overhead and has become a gateway drug for street production. Now that it is easier to make the substance and costs less, it is more dangerous than ever before. Additionally, using different chemicals produces more toxicity and causes different reactions in the user compared to the original version.

This new version is more addictive and less expensive than the old one. In the early days, individuals were often able to use meth and enhance their senses by becoming hyper-alert and excited about various things in life. The new P2P meth leads to hazardous altercations in the brain.

Those that continue to use the new type of substance find themselves dealing with intense episodes of paranoia, rage, and isolation, all while experiencing hallucinations, leading to memory loss and brain damage. The new P2P meth continues to find its way on the streets, contributing to homelessness and adversely affecting those who struggle with other mental health disorders. In some cases, areas have even closed down roads to force the substance away for a short time.

P2P meth is more potent and more dangerous, and those who use the substance are more prone to addiction. Furthermore, researchers have found that the new P2P meth results in two more deaths per year and, with statistical backing, has noted that the number of casualties has tripled in the past three years. 

The overdose deaths came from several individuals using the street drug, making it more dangerous. Individuals who struggle with substance use disorders and use meth find themselves experiencing unique effects. With the new P2P meth, individuals are now experiencing brain damage and potential permanent psychosis that will only serve to inhibit their lives down the road.

Know When to Get Help for P2P Meth Use

Like the original form of meth, individuals experience psychological and physical altercations when the substance enters their bodies. It heightens blood pressure and respiratory rate, and individuals using the drug have a heightened sense of energy and euphoria.

When the substance tapers off, individuals may have side effects of paranoia, aggression, mood fluctuations, and other intense withdrawal symptoms.

The new street drug of P2P meth is more hazardous than the original as it continues to influence users who have mental health illnesses or have built up a tolerance to the substance. The new P2P meth can cause liver failure, complete degradation, and many physical health problems.

Due to Its potency, it has powerful effects on an individual the first time they use it. Regardless of potential dependence, know that it is ok to ask for help no matter what stage of addiction you may be in.

P2P Meth Addiction Requires Specialized Treatment

The Forge Recovery Center offers specialized treatment services and programs to help with P2P meth addiction and can help you find the proper treatment to get the medical help you need. Our team has the knowledge and a deep understanding of substances, including P2P meth. We know the severe side effects and symptoms that come with using substances, and we understand how to evaluate and address a way for you to find hope and healing.

If you are worried about your use or someone you love, contact The Forge Recovery Center today.

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