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Why Evidence-Based Treatment Matters

Evidence-based care is the foundation of successful addiction recovery. Find out why it matters in our blog. Call The Forge today for more help!

Why Evidence-Based Treatment Matters

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May 9, 2022

The Forge Recovery Center

Evidence-based practices are commonplace in the addiction recovery world because they are innovative and have proven a successful treatment model. However, every individual's journey through addiction recovery is specific to their situation and circumstances. Having options such as residential versus outpatient drug treatment are important for the best outcomes.

Evidence-based practices are options where research and science come together to expand the different fields and models administered to individualized treatment. Professional clinicians who conduct assessments cooperate with the clients to meet their own individual needs; therefore, learning more about the types of evidence-based practices can help you choose a suitable treatment facility.

Quality Treatment Matters

Not every treatment facility is the right choice for everyone. Each facility has its unique approach to addiction recovery to provide tailored treatment plans. It is essential to find a treatment center that offers quality because it can help you increase your value and success in the recovery journey. 

Your value helps determine the right decisions that best meet your needs, and when quality is satisfied with your values, you can overcome the power of addiction. In addiction recovery, quality treatment matters to help you deepen your self-respect and enlighten you to make informed decisions in your life. Therefore, ensuring you have a treatment center that works with you and your situation with kindness, honesty, and quality will make all the difference in the world.

Evidence-Based Practices in Addiction Recovery

Evidence-based practices originated a long time ago, but recently gained more popularity due to their development in science and research. The development expanded the opportunities with proven strategical strategies, clinical expertise, and individualized preferences to further progress the treatment models for each client. 

Evidence-based models collaborate with clients, science, and research to address various disorders and addictions. Additionally, practices in addiction recovery can be altered to fit multiple settings and various clients' needs. The treatment options can implement groups, residency, health concerns, families, and more, all for the adoptive needs of each client. Evidence-based models of various factors and components are able to help each client manage their wellness long-term and equip them with life-building skills designed for success. 

They can include training skills, psychoeducation, relapse prevention, maintenance, dual diagnosis, interventions, resources, and tools to equip clients with a structured protocol. Evidence-based practices in addiction recovery provide successful outcomes to build a transition program with practical strategies to influence clients' readiness, involvement, knowledge, and execution for long-term recovery desires.

Identifying Your Needs

Individuals often recognize their struggle with substance use but find it challenging to commit to recovery. The recovery process can quickly get complicated when decisions and behaviors conflict. When seeking out the right treatment center, focusing on treatment options that combat the inner struggle helps build a ladder of identifying what is essential in life. 

When you choose a treatment center, it needs to align with your values and priorities. Therefore, you must first ask yourself a few different questions to identify your or your loved one's needs. For example, you can ask:

  • What makes you happy?

  • How would life change if you were honest with yourself?

  • What are your plans for the future?

  • Do those plans conflict with what you are doing right now?

Then ask yourself, if you stopped the addiction, would the fear and judgment inhibit your values? 

These questions help you identify who you are and what your needs are, as they are an essential aspect of recovery. If you have conflicting values regarding your needs and what makes you happy, you may be more at risk of relapse after addiction recovery. However, when you align your values to decide to live healthier because you know it can make you happier, that is when you can begin the recovery journey. If you or someone you love struggles with making decisions or identifying your needs, The Forge is here to help.

The Forge: Making the Difference With Evidence-Based Treatment Options

The Forge Recovery Center provides quality treatment options, including evidence-based practices to give you or your loved one the tools for long-term recovery with compassion and care. Our staff creates an environment to make a difference in the addiction recovery industry, with the right treatment processes to help you meet your goals and needs. 

Your addiction recovery plan will be different from others. We believe that increasing the options to formulate a plan that best meets you in your situation will provide you with a path of hope and success. You deserve to have a place of refuge and a treatment center that cares about you and your complete spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental healing.

With our evidence-based treatment options, you build the foundation of recovery with transparency, growth and have a community to support you through the entire process and long after. Our evidence-based practices include:

Additionally, we provide a professional, relatable, educational, and compassionate lifestyle all under the same roof to best meet your needs with the needs of your loved one.

We believe that you can receive the continuum of care you deserve with an innovative culture and staff interactions. For more information on how we can help you align your goals and give you excellent quality treatment options with evidence-based practices, reach out to The Forge today.

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