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How Experiential Therapy Works?

Recovery has to be lived for it to work. Discovering it’s possible to experience joy, maintain healthy friendships, and have fun is the foundation of long-lasting recovery.

During our experiential activities, people learn to develop life and positive coping skills while trained professionals guide them through real-world experiences.

How Experiential Therapy Works?

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Experiential Therapy

How Experiential Activities Create Change Moments

At first, drug and alcohol abuse feels good. But over time, addictive substances wring out joy from every part of a person’s life. Experiential activities bring joy back into a life ruled by addiction’s compulsive behaviors.

But this is about more than just having fun. Experiential activities provide the ideal workshop to try out the skills learned in rehab. Healthy coping mechanisms, avoiding relapse triggers, teamwork, and self-esteem all contribute to creating a “change moment.”

When a person experiences a complete change in their mindset and lifestyle, they’re experiencing a change moment. In rehab, change moments can occur from group activities, enjoying shared experiences, or just hanging out together. They all teach a person they no longer need addictive substances to enjoy or experience daily life.

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