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The Benefits of Sober Living for Parents

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The Benefits of Sober Living for Parents

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April 22, 2022

The Forge Recovery Center

Addiction can be one of the worst things that can happen to a parent. However, it is common, and fortunately, there’s always a way out.

Addiction and parenting don’t go together for several reasons — the former is a full-time role that demands attention, physical effort, availability, and emotional stability. The latter tends to drain an individual of all these qualities. 

Like the light at the end of the tunnel, strong-willed parents always find the right source of power and motivation to overcome addiction. In most cases, the love and affection for the child draw a parent closer to sober living each day.

There are countless benefits of sober living. Focusing on those that highlight its impact on the parent-child relationship can help parents understand the importance of recovery and give someone the drive and motivation to focus on the goal and work towards being a great parent!

Emotional and Physical Availability

Substance abuse can create a void between members of a family. This distance can damage the love, trust, dependency, and affection children naturally have for their parents. 

Addiction to drugs and alcohol provides a high that someone may have so badly craved at one point in time, but they also simultaneously isolate them from some of the most important people in their life. Living a sober lifestyle can reverse this and restore the bond.

As a parent who chooses to live sober, you may find

  • It’s easier to be mentally, emotionally, and physically present for your children

  • You’re able to participate in family events, gatherings, and outings willingly, joyfully, and wholeheartedly

  • Interactions and conversations will no longer drain and strain you

  • You’re able to create new memories to make up for any lost time

Having More Energy

Parenting requires a lot of energy from the moment your kids wake up until far past their bedtimes as you pack lunches and prepare for another day. It can be challenging to attempt to be present for your children while using substances or keeping your energy up at sporting events and school functions.  

When you are deep in active addiction, it is common to feel energized when you are high and only be preoccupied with where and when you will find your next fix when you are sober. Living in recovery will give you the stamina you need to keep up with your children’s demanding schedule and enthusiasm for life.  

Your kids will notice your increased energy and alertness, and they are sure to enjoy your newfound ability to keep up with them. 

Setting the Right Example 

For those who struggle with addiction, the thought of your children following in your footsteps can be one of your biggest fears. Children raised by addicted parents are far more likely to fall into addiction themselves due to genetic and environmental factors. 

Remember, children learn primarily from examples; humans are just programmed that way. Your actions will have a more significant impact on shaping their personality than your words ever will. 

Through your long and arduous recovery journey, you will be able to set a glorious example for your child.

Your children may have witnessed you during your lowest point in life, but it is the way they will be able to see you rise again that will make all the difference in the world.

Through living a sober lifestyle, you will be able to instill healthy habits and lifestyle changes in your child, such as:

  • Clean eating and drinking plenty of water throughout the day

  • Personal care and hygiene

  • Daily physical activities such as exercise and yoga

  • Mindfulness and meditation

  • Acts of kindness and charity

Child Safety

It is a fact that children feel safer, happier, and more nurtured when they’re living with sober parents. Addiction can unintentionally turn you into a self-centered individual. By looking after your own needs and spending time all by yourself, you can easily neglect the child whose life, health, and wellbeing depend upon your care. 

Children show growth, mental and physical, in an environment that is both safe and nurturing. They thrive in parents’ care that they can trust blindly for support, guidance, and a vote of confidence for the smallest of their accomplishments. Home for a child is where their parents or caregivers are; “home” is synonymous with safety and family.

By living a sober lifestyle, you can make your home a safer place for your child and the rest of the family. Sobriety teaches selflessness, devotion, and generosity — all three of which can help you become a better parent and a better human being.

Understanding the benefits of sober living is the first step in the right direction. The path may be long and tedious for many, but it leads you straight into the arms of the innocent little ones that love you most in this world.

At The Forge Recovery Center, we are here to help make that journey easier for you with research-driven treatment modalities and free consultation services. Based in Orange County, CA, we are a drug and alcohol rehab provider which establishes strong foundations for long-term drug and alcohol recovery for you or your loved one.

For more information on how we can help you become a better parent through sober living, call us today.

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