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Six Ways to Find Joy in Recovery

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Six Ways to Find Joy in Recovery

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May 3, 2022

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Most worthwhile successes are the result of many struggles, difficulties, and failures. The people who don't give up are the ones who come up as not only a winner in their life but also inspire others to do the work.

In the case of addiction recovery, similar things happen. Before actually recovering from substance use, one has to go through multiple challenges which can break them physically, mentally, and emotionally. In such circumstances, individuals might also experience emotions like agitation, anxiety, and stress.

Also, sometimes, you may feel like everything is negative around you and forget how many miles you have already covered in the journey of recovery.

If you are one of these individuals, we understand how you feel. We’ve come up with six ways that you can use to gain joy in the process of recovery and continue your progress.

#1. Connect With Quality People

If you are recovering from an addiction, the people you hang around with will undoubtedly impact the recovery process. It becomes important for individuals to break contact with people who are into any substance use as they might influence them to indulge in these activities. Once you stop associating with such people, the frequency of cravings will reduce, and you'll not feel like falling back into the same addictions again.

Another crucial factor that can help initiate and continue progress in your recovery is connecting with quality people.

What Do We Mean by Quality People? How Would an Individual Identify That If They Should Connect With Them Or Not?

Quality people push you towards your recovery and motivate you to install new good habits for your growth. These people know what's suitable for an individual in the long run. These individuals choose to stay away from instant gratification devices such as substances and positively approach life.

Finding quality people is obtainable, as they are most often found in positive social sober settings. Here are some of the qualities that these individuals possess:

  • They celebrate when you achieve any progress in your recovery

  • Help you to reduce any chances of relapse by encouraging you to stay away from the drugs

  • Encourage you to install better habits

  • Push you towards what's best for your growth is sobriety

  • Provide you emotional support

  • Encourage you to prioritize your recovery

  • Motivate you and inspire you with their words and actions

  • Push you towards good people and support groups

#2. Make a Gratitude Journal

Many of us come across many beautiful things throughout our day, and we never appreciate them. Simply appreciating the little things that give you joy and counting your blessings can help you achieve more peace and happiness.

Here is a simple exercise that you can follow:

Before going to sleep, count all the good things that happened in the day, whether it's going to play football with your friends or getting in touch with your old friend; count it in. When you do it regularly, you'll find peace, and it'll help you remain joyous throughout your recovery.

#3. Invest Time in Installing Great Habits

A man is as great as his habits are. So, if you are someone who's looking forward to living an incredible life later, you need to start installing these great habits now. It will not only help you to recover more thoroughly but also prepare you for a great future.

Some of these habits are as follows:

  • Reading books

  • Exercises & Meditation

  • Learning new skills

  • Socializing with quality people

  • Always seeking growth

  • Choosing education over entertainment

Once these habits become a part of an individual's daily progress, it becomes easier to overcome any life challenge.

#4. Having Breaks and Fun

It's not always essential to focus on work only. When you are recovering, you need to have days to spend time with your family, nurturing your relationships, and hanging out with good friends.

You can also try visiting new places, visiting museums, recalling memories, and doing things you enjoyed before addiction. This will work as a happiness dose for you!

#5. Be Kind to Others

Being kind is one of the most underrated things in the world. Being kind to humans and animals around you add more positivity to your life, which often propels you to continue doing the next right thing. 

This positivity plays a crucial role and helps you get motivated towards your self-growth; hence, being kind to others is one of the best ways to find joy while recovering.

#6. Stop Comparing and Focus on Capitalizing on Your Strengths

We often start comparing ourselves with others without understanding that we all have different lives and are in various chapters of our lives. 

Understandably, you might be in a negative state of mind. You've most likely struck rock bottom and might even be suffering from a chemical imbalance in your brain. However, it's usually beneficial to return your emphasis to the positive aspects of your life.

Each of us has several strengths and weaknesses. Thus, it becomes vital for us to stop comparing ourselves with others and start focusing upon our strengths.

Finding Ways To Keep Yourself Motivated Is Key

The recovery process is the transition phase for someone looking forward to living a healthy, addiction-free life. However, this period brings enormous emotional, mental, and physical challenges, which can induce a person to fall back into the same addictions they were previously battling. While dealing with such problems, there are times when an individual feels overwhelmed and loses motivation to recover from their addictions.

Finding ways to keep you motivated can help improve your recovery period and the quality of your life. An individual can use some methods: connecting with quality people, having a gratitude journal, investing time in developing great habits, being kind to others, and many more. Inculcating such habits along with finding great professional support can help you to reach your milestones in recovery.

If you or someone you know is suffering to recover from addiction, we at The Forge can help. Call today to learn more.

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