How Can Couples Therapy Help Your Recovery?

How Can Couples Therapy Help Your Recovery?Shape

Relationships are drastically affected because of substance addiction; couples therapy is a solution for that. Call The Forge today to learn more.

Drug addiction is a disorder that affects a person's brain functions, resulting in an inability to regulate the use of any drug or prescription, whether legal or illicit. The drug includes different substances such as alcohol, nicotine, marijuana, etc. 

Drug addiction not only affects your physical and psychological conditions but also affects the external environment. It creates barriers between individuals and their loved ones, which often result in difficult situations such as lack of trust, respect, and communication, vital for healthy relationships.

There are times when a person in active addiction also hurts their loved ones emotionally or physically multiple times to obtain the substance they are addicted to, as their life revolves around it. As a result, their partner feels betrayed, angry, and hurt quite often. It can create a gulf of distrust and disrespect when this happens repeatedly, which sometimes destroys the most beautiful relationships.

What Is the Impact of Drug Addiction of a Partner on the Relationship?

Trust, respect, honesty, and understanding are the foundations of healthy relationships. When any of these foundations becomes shaky, the connections get imbalanced. During drug addiction, there are chances that an individual would lie, becomes dishonest, and try any method to obtain the drugs.

This results in clashes, conflicts, and failure of relationships. It's always better to have an empathetic vision towards your partner and understand that they are not in a good mental state.

Once the other person develops empathy and works as a support system for their partner, things might get better with proper medication and routines.

How Does Codependency Prevent Recovery?

Codependency, in simple terms, refers to having unhealthy relations with the other person where the other person becomes the most important person in someone's life, sometimes to an extent where their life starts revolving around that person.

Codependency was shown to be much greater in women married to addicted men, according to a study published in Addiction and Health. One person in a codependent relationship relies on the other to meet their emotional needs and boost their self-esteem. It also refers to the bond that keeps the addict from engaging in harmful self-destructive behavior. For example, a woman may provide drugs to her husband that suffers from addiction because of the fear that he might not need her if he recovers.

The codependent people develop low self-esteem, fear of abandonment, rejection, guilt, and usually do anything that can prevent the pain of abandonment. They typically take on the role of caretaker to the extent where they neglect their own needs.

It leads to the self-destruction of an individual suffering from any addiction.

What Are the Effects of Rehabilitation Treatment on Close Relationships?

The rehabilitation process comes with feelings of shame, guilt, and anxiety, and every individual experiences it in a unique manner. They might not be able to face their partners and have multiple issues of miscommunication.

Because of this, recovery from addiction can be highly challenging for everyone involved. Personal relationships should not be neglected during recovery, as loneliness can lead to despair and suicidal thoughts. Because of this, support for loved ones is essential for complete rehabilitation. On the other hand, loneliness might trigger relapse since the person may feel as if they have no purpose in life.

Is There Any Way to Revive the Relationship?

There are multiple ways to revive the relationship during and after the rehabilitation process, and one such method is couple therapy.

Couples therapy, commonly known as marriage counseling, is a type of psychotherapy delivered by licensed therapists. It aids all kinds of couples in recognizing and resolving disputes as well as improving their relationships. Marriage counseling can assist you in making balanced decisions about whether you should handle and deepen your relationship or separate.

Marriage counseling is frequently brief. Both partners are generally involved in marriage counseling, but one person may prefer to consult with a therapist alone. The individual's situation determines the precise treatment strategy.

Couples facing communication issues, conflicts, sexual problems, anger issues, infidelity problems, or substance abuse are generally referred for this therapy by doctors.

What Are the Benefits of Couples Therapy?

There are various benefits of couples therapy which include: 

  • Improving the ability of two persons to communicate

  • Identifying the core causes of significant dispute sites

  • Improving comprehension

  • Encouraging people to accept one another more

  • Giving people the chance to show their support for one another

  • Emotional and physical intimacy gets restored

Repairing intimacy and sexual relationships can be challenging, but it is possible if both parties are willing to put in the effort. If the connection is to last, it will need time and effort, just like everything else.

Relationships are one of the most significant parts of life affected due to substance use. Addictions move you away from your partner and reduce the respect and trust that you get from the people around you, especially your loved ones. Additionally, substance abuse also has an adverse effect on your emotions, thinking capabilities, mood, and sexual abilities. During the rehabilitation process, a partner’s support becomes a crucial factor in determining withdrawal progress.

Getting To The Root Of The Problem With Couples Therapy

In situations where these relations seem to be failing, finding the root cause of the problem becomes important and often surfaces through effective couples therapy. By seeking expert help, you can save and deepen the most important relations in your life, even in such a difficult time. If you are in a relationship facing these issues, our team at The Forge Recovery Center would be pleased to assist you. Please call today to learn more.

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