Drug and Alcohol

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Robs Your Sanity

Addiction robs us of physical and mental health. Find out how substance abuse makes you literally insane ...and how to restore your mental health.

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Robs Your Sanity

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May 9, 2022

The Forge Recovery Center

Were you aware that addiction can rob your sanity?

When you begin to use substances to feel a certain way or cope with scenarios in life, your life starts to shift, and so does your brain. If you or a loved one struggles with addiction, your priorities are altered because it has hijacked your life. Substance use psychologically and physically damages your body, even when you cannot see it.

This makes it more possible for the substances to steal your sanity.

Substance Use Rewires Neurological Brain Waves

It is common to want to feel like you are of a sane mind. However, when substances are included, the choices made and decided upon start to change over time. You may have noticed you have an increased tolerance for substances to get the same feeling or cope with life's complex challenges. When this happens, your brain becomes damaged by the substances, altering its pathways. 

Your brain is the central component of your emotions, physical reactions, and overall spirit of life. Your brain is the organ that provides an essential function to your nervous system for your movements, learning, and motivation. All of these have elements of maintaining human sanity.

Researchers have numerous studies that reinforce the concept of how your brain rewires itself through neurotransmitters and waves because of the influence of substances. 

Substances would not be so addictive if they did not affect the brain's neurological and dopaminergic pathways. Therefore, since your brain is delicate, substances can cause complete chaos in your body. This can cause you to isolate yourself along with emotional and physical symptoms on your sanity.

Addiction Robbing Your Sanity With Physical and Psychological Effects

When unknown substances impede upon your brain, the damaging effects begin to rewire your brain waves to handle the unknown chemicals. It can lead to complicated mental health issues and physical side effects. When your brain shifts away from its normal function due to unknown substances, you are putting yourself more at risk for physical complications such as a reduced immune system, respiratory problems, kidney disease, heart disease, psychosis, and more. 

Your brain does its best to direct your emotions and reactions. However, when that is hindered, your body and your choices start to rob you of your sanity. The psychological effects of substance use disorders affect your overall well-being and mental state. 

Mental disorders are not the sole cause of why your addiction took place initially. Over time, with increased substance use, you may start experiencing anxiety, tension, insomnia, excessive worrying, rapid heartbeat, restlessness, shame, guilt, negativity, depression, and a loss of interest in yourself and your life. This all plays a part in the abduction of your sanity.

How to Stop Addiction From Robbing Your Sanity

Your brain was designed to be an efficient organ that is programmed to work best with influential sources from your environment's social, physical, and emotional elements. It is possible that your brain can be reprogrammed to where it was initially. So, if you are worried about your sanity being lost because of substance use, finding the best support around can get you the help you deserve. 

At times, it may feel like everyone else is actively robbing your sanity, but there are ways to help you step towards a healthier lifestyle free from this sensation. The ability to continue thriving and pushing for happiness can create a serene life that allows for motivation and purpose.

Practicing and Finding Help for Addiction Recovery to Keep Your Sanity

Implementing practices and getting help for substance use disorders can contribute to a positive focus on maintaining your sanity. Some of the key elements and tools you can use in addiction recovery include the following:

  • Mindfulness

  • Gratitude

  • Nutrition

  • Exercise

  • Learning new hobbies

  • Rekindling relationships

  • Writing

  • Creating goals

  • Upholding goals and achieving them

  • Creating a comfortable and encouraging environment

  • Finding inner peace

  • Developing your spirituality

  • Forming connections between yourself and your surroundings

  • Educating yourself on addiction recovery and substances

  • Increasing your emotional intelligence

  • Finding the means to get enough sleep every day

Life is already difficult enough without the use of substances robbing you of your sanity. If you feel that you are not going in the right direction and substances influence your choices and reactions to life, recovery treatment at an addiction center may be the best option to help you regain your balance in your life.

You deserve to have a real sense of purpose in life and have the right to pursue health and sanity.

Addiction Recovery Will Put You In A Healthy Mental Direction

In addiction recovery, you learn to build genuine connections and support your situation to build confidence in life. Addiction recovery puts your sanity in a healthy direction and teaches you about enriching your life.

The Forge Recovery Center wants to help you evolve past the state of consciousness you are in currently and move you toward a sane and healthy lifestyle. You deserve to have enrichment in your life and purpose that will give you the value of who you are without substances.

Our team is here to help you continue your path of recovery, find help for healing, and learn how to rebuild your life to maintain your sanity. If you are worried about your lifestyle and feel that addiction is robbing you of your sense, reach our team today for more information and get help.

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