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Blue Xanax Bars: Everything You Need to Know About B707 Pills

What are B707 Pills? Here's a Guide To Blue Xanax Bars, Addiction, & More. Xanax Addiction Can Be Lethal if Left Untreated.

Blue Xanax Bars: Everything You Need to Know About B707 Pills

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June 9, 2023

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Blue Xanax bars are a common form of alprazolam, the generic name for Xanax. Healthcare professionals frequently prescribe benzodiazepines like Xanax bars to treat anxiety and sudden panic episodes. Xanax is a benzodiazepine drug that helps to alleviate anxiety. It’s also one of the most widely abused drugs in the nation.

Blue Xanax bars are often stamped with a “B707” stamp.

Xanax Abuse Stats

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, Xanax, a type of prescription sedative commonly used to treat anxiety or lack of sleep, was involved in 16% of opioid overdose deaths in 2020. Researchers have also found opioids like fentanyl contaminate stashes of benzodiazepines on the street, implying that people are mixing Xanax with illicit opioids, either intentionally or unintentionally.

What are Blue Xanax Bars?

Xanax bars come in a variety of colors. With a couple of exceptions (like the dangerous, counterfeit red Xanax bars that often contain fentanyl), the colors of Xanax bars correspond to their strength. A Xanax pill that has a blue color, inscribed with “B707” logo, is a 2mg strength Xanax bar.

These colors serve a purpose: when a physician or other trained practitioner diagnoses a person with one of the several disorders Xanax is usually prescribed to treat, the physician will frequently start with a low dose, such as 0.25 mg. Only after the patient's brain chemistry has adjusted to the effects of alprazolam will the prescribed dosage be adjusted to reach the desired dose.

Where Do Blue Xanax Bars Come From?

Blue Xanax bars are manufactured by Breckenridge Pharmaceutical, Incl. They typically come in a rectangular pill form, divided up into four quarters.

Breckenridge Pharmaceutical makes additional forms of Xanax, too:

  • B704 pill: This is a 0.25 mg dose of alprazolam and is a white (or beige) oval-shaped tablet

  • B705 pill: This is a 0.5 mg dose of alprazolam and is an orange, oval-shaped tablet

  • B706 pill: This is a 1 mg dose of alprazolam and is a blue-colored tablet. Some people call this form of Xanax “blue footballs”

What Effects Do B707 Xanax Bars Have?

When blue Xanax is properly consumed as advised, the effects usually begin within an hour, and the drug tends to peak within one to two hours. Many people who abuse Xanax snort it after grinding it into fine powder. This makes the drug take effect much faster, often within seconds.

Central nervous system depressants like Xanax help people feel calm. But they're dangerous when abused or mixed with drugs like alcohol. Mixing alcohol and Xanax can cause blackouts and even make a person suffocate.

Xanax may interact with the following substances:

  • Sleeping pills

  • Certain forms of birth control

  • Antibiotics

  • Allergy medication

  • Hallucinogens like LSD

  • Heart medicine

  • Opioid drugs like morphine, codeine, and fentanyl

  • HIV treatment drugs

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Is a Blue Xanax Bar Different from a B707 Pill?

No. B707 is the logo stamped on blue Xanax bars. They’re the same thing. B707 pills are prescribed to people dealing with intense anxiety. Xanax is a central nervous system (CNS) depressant and helps people dealing with extreme anxiety live normal lives.

However, the B707 pill (or blue Xanax bar) has recently gained popularity as a recreational drug. With Xanax drug misuse growing more widespread and medical prescriptions getting more difficult to obtain, consumers are hunting for substitutes such as the blue B707 tablet and yellow or green Xanax bars.

B707 Blue Pill: Is it Genuine or Fake?

The B707 blue tablet is not a counterfeit pill. It’s not fake Xanax. However, there’s always a risk of taking pills that don’t come from a legitimate pharmacy, and there are plenty of fake Xanax pills out there, many of which contain fentanyl. Because the B707 blue Xanax bar is not as well known to many consumers as the white Xanax bar, there are fewer counterfeit B707 pills sold as blue Xanax bars.

These counterfeit blue Xanax tablets typically offered online, are mixed with the highly potent narcotic fentanyl. If uninformed consumers rely on these drugs, they may suffer a lethal overdose.

If you have been prescribed Xanax, it is essential that you purchase this medicine from an authorized source and discuss your prescription with your physician beforehand. If you have any concerns or inquiries about the safety and effectiveness of the tablet, your physician will be equipped to help you. Additionally, if you witness any anomalies or symptoms of withdrawal, it is advised to stop the drug intake immediately. 

Is it Possible to Become Addicted to Blue Xanax Bars?

Yes, it is possible to get addicted to the B707 blue pill. It is vital to remember that Xanax must only be taken under medical guidance. Individuals are especially vulnerable to Xanax addiction when it is utilized as a recreational drug or taken without an accurate prescription from a doctor.

Benzos like Xanax are very powerful, and it’s easy to develop an addiction to them. When taking B707 tablets, it's critical to properly check your dosage and adhere to your doctor's recommendations.

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Is it Dangerous to Use B707 Blue Xanax Bars?

Like any drug, blue Xanax bars have the potential to be harmful if misused. Xanax is reliable and efficient in treating anxiety-related issues when taken as directed by a medical professional.

However, Xanax abuse can result in unpleasant and potentially harmful adverse effects.

What are Some Side Effects of Blue Xanax Bars?

Lightheadedness, tiredness, memory problems, sleeplessness, and reduced coordination are typical Xanax side effects. It’s why people are cautioned to avoid driving or operating heavy machinery while taking Xanax.

However, Xanax has many dangerous side effects when abused. Xanax abuse often involves taking far larger doses of Xanax. When someone crushes and snorts a Xanax bar, they’re not just abusing drugs: they’re ingesting a massive dose of Xanax all at once (and also inhaling things like binders that can damage their nose).

Mixing blue Xanax bars with other drugs is also very risky. Alcohol is a depressant drug like Xanax. Taken together, they can slow a person’s breathing down to dangerous levels. Suffocation is how Xanax overdoses kill.

There’s one more side effect of blue Xanax bars: long-term use (and abuse) of blue Xanax can result in withdrawal symptoms.

What are Blue Xanax Withdrawal Symptoms?

When a person uses a drug for a long period of time, the body gets used to the drug’s presence in their system. If a person stops taking the drugs – especially if they do so without tapering off, like taking the “cold turkey” approach – they are likely to experience withdrawal effects as the body tries to recalibrate itself without the drug.

Xanax withdrawal symptoms can result from abruptly quitting the drug. Body aches, drug cravings, difficulty with vision, seizures, and intense anxiety (known as rebound anxiety) are all Xanax withdrawal symptoms.

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How is Blue Xanax Bar Addiction Treated?

Recovery from Xanax addiction is challenging. Drug detox, medication-assisted treatment (MAT), and specialized drug rehab programs can be effective when dealing with Xanax addiction.

It is critical to find a facility that specializes in treating benzodiazepine addiction. It is also critical to undergo medical drug detox as well. Xanax drug detox can be dangerous if done at home or with a detox kit. At best, it’s unlikely to be successful. At worse, a person could experience a heart attack or seizure as their body goes into shock.

Medical drug detox is a far better choice. While detoxing from blue Xanax bars (or any other benzo) is never going to be easy, medical detox makes the process easier, more comfortable, and far more likely to succeed. The 24/7 monitoring people receive while in Xanax detox helps treat potential medical complications before they become something far more dangerous.

Tapering off Blue Xanax Bars

A component of drug detox is tapering off Xanax. This is an effective method of dealing with Xanax withdrawal. Tapering involves gradually decreasing the patient's dose of Xanax across multiple sessions. This helps the body adjust easier to lower levels of Xanax, averting severe withdrawal symptoms.

What Happens After Drug Detox?

After drug detox, further levels of care are a fantastic next step. During them, interpersonal therapy rounds are taken to tackle both Xanax addiction and any underlying mental disorders. Xanax is often prescribed for people struggling with depression and anxiety, and therapy helps them develop healthy coping strategies that don’t involve taking Xanax.

Blue Xanax Bar Addiction: Inpatient Drug Rehab

Inpatient drug rehab (or residential drug rehab) is the ideal next step after drug detox. Inpatient drug rehab for Xanax addiction continues the close, 24/7 monitoring of drug detox with the addition of group therapy, MAT, and other tools of drug rehab.

There’s no set length of inpatient drug rehab – it lasts as long as the patient needs it to. Keep in mind that longer stays in rehab are associated with greater success rates, however.

Inpatient treatment settings can provide a varied range of recovery programs that include the following:

  • Group therapy

  • One-on-one therapy

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

  • Experiential Therapy

  • MAT

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Blue Xanax Bar Addiction: Outpatient Drug Rehab

Individuals with moderate Xanax addiction (or graduates of inpatient drug rehab) can get treated at an outpatient drug rehab. Outpatient drug rehab is helpful for many as it’s more flexible, allowing a person to integrate drug rehab into their busy schedule.

It’s best to think of outpatient drug rehab as a safety net. A person can rehearse living in the normal world while continuing to receive lifesaving drug rehab services.

How to Avoid Blue Xanax Addiction

The best way of avoiding blue Xanax addiction is to never abuse the drug in the first place. If you’re prescribed blue Xanax bars, make sure you take the drug strictly according to the prescription. However, if you’re recovering from blue Xanax addiction, there are also some ways to avoid relapsing.

Among the most common prevention measures are:

Keep Track of Your Triggers

Recovery isn’t a destination – it’s a state of being that has to be carefully maintained. Part of this is knowing your addiction triggers. They might be people, places, or certain emotional situations. If these triggers are managed effectively, the chances of relapse can be much smaller.

This can happen by noting down those fears and forming strategies to avoid those triggers. All of this is achievable with the help of regular counseling. 

Reduce Your Stress Levels

Managing stress is exceptionally important. Blue Xanax bars are prescribed for stress and anxiety, and when a person stops using blue Xanax, they often experience rebound anxiety. Practicing healthy coping mechanisms to reduce stress can help an individual in treatment prevent relapse. Anxiety-alleviating methods such as daily workouts, meditation, and yoga are all useful.

Have a Support Structure in Place

12-step programs unite patients recovering from substance addiction. In addition, being held accountable to a support group or a manager can be a powerful motivator to be positive.

Examine Your Relationships

It is vital for people recovering from blue Xanax addiction to avoid hanging out with people still engaged in substance abuse. Although it is difficult to say goodbye to old friends, recovery must take precedence, which may include letting go of negative influences.

Staying Fit

Regulating your sleep patterns, maintaining a healthy diet, and dealing with problems in a healthy fashion are all great defenses against addiction relapse. Also, attending regular therapy sessions will help as well. 

Staying Productive

Believe it or not, one of the biggest drivers of addiction is boredom. Try occupying your time with learning new skills and adapting to your old habits and hobbies. Swimming, painting, reciting, or writing can help ease your mind and increase your productivity. 

Finding Help for Blue Xanax Addiction

Left untreated, blue Xanax addiction can destroy a person’s life and even kill them. Addiction is often a chronic illness that requires diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring. Without drug rehab, Xanax addiction will get worse.

Getting treatment for blue Xanax addiction is critically important. While the recovery process is never going to be easy, it’s worth it. There’s no better way of defeating addiction and building a happy, successful, and healthy life. 

The Forge Recovery Center Provides Effective, Evidence-Based Treatment for Blue Xanax Bar Addiction

As hopeless as addiction can seem, it isn’t. The Forge Recovery Center has a deep understanding of drug and alcohol addiction. We’ll work with you to develop an effective plan for leaving Xanax addiction behind. With a dedicated dual diagnosis program, we’ll make sure your anxiety, depression, or any other mental disorder will get treated and managed along with addiction.

You’ll develop healthy coping mechanisms and the other resources you need to keep blue Xanax bars out of your life for good.

New lives are built at The Forge. Want to learn more about our proven, evidence-based Xanax addiction program? Reach out to The Forge Recovery Center today.

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