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8 Ball of Cocaine: Effects, Cost, and Cocaine Addiction

Ever wonder what an 8 ball of cocaine is? Our blog explores this common slang term around cocaine dealing. Learn more about cocaine here.

What is an 8 Ball of Cocaine?

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June 13, 2023

The Forge Recovery Center

An “eightball” or 8 ball of cocaine is a term you might have heard while watching TV series or movies about drug dealing or drug use. Additionally, if you are socially active and attend numerous parties in clubs, you might have heard someone asking for an “8-ball of cocaine.”

So, what is an 8 ball of cocaine? It’s not some new type of cocaine, or a combination of cocaine with another drug. Instead, it’s a unit of measurement.

Stats About Cocaine Abuse:

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, approximately 4.8 million persons aged 12 and older reported using Cocaine in the previous 12 months in 2021.

What is an 8 Ball of Cocaine?

The term “8 ball cocaine” merely refers to a particular quantity and measure of cocaine. Drug slang like eight ball are used by those who trade drugs or narcotics. "8 ball" is frequently used to describe 3.5 grams, or 1/8 of an ounce, of cocaine. Estimating the cost of eight balls of coke can be difficult. 

How Much Does an 8-Ball of Cocaine Cost?

The cost of an 8 ball of cocaine can vary significantly based on several variables, including the region and the present situation with market demand and supply. Even DEA operatives can struggle to determine the average cost of 8 ball cocaine in a given area.

The level of purification used to determine the pricing of 8-ball cocaine is a critical consideration. Many drug dealers employ cutting chemicals like fentanyl, detergent, and occasionally even boric acid to reduce the item's weight and, as a result, raise its selling price.

Regardless of purity levels or cost, 8 ball cocaine remains a risky prospect with a significant chance of overdosing, especially for drug users who have been using it for a long time and appear to have built up the ability to withstand the possibility of handling fatal doses of drugs.

There are numerous terms and slang names used in conjunction with cocaine. Most cocaine street names have earned their names as ways to describe cocaine’s effects, where 8 ball of cocaine relates to its weight.

Additionally, drug dealers might not always utilize popular terminology like 8 ball to avoid being caught by law enforcement.

When you think a loved one may be battling a cocaine addiction, it's especially vital to be aware of some of the common ways individuals talk about cocaine.

Here are just a handful of the terms you should be familiar with:

  • Blow

  • Coke

  • Crack (This is a slang term for crack cocaine, a smokable version of the drug)

  • Nose candy

  • Flake

  • Fishscale

  • Dust

  • Bump

  • Speedball (this is a mix of cocaine and an opioid like heroin)

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Why Do People Take an 8 Ball of Cocaine?

You might be interested in learning the rationales behind why people utilize the large quantities of cocaine seen in the 8-ball measurement. Cocaine produces a variety of short-term enjoyable effects when used recreationally. Dopamine, a neurotransmitter that develops naturally in the human brain, makes us happy and euphoric. The user of 8 ball cocaine also feels more physically and emotionally energized.

People seek the same high associated with using cocaine because it is similar to the natural high connected to higher amounts of dopamine. While dopamine levels can be raised through sexual activity, physical activity, or particular foods, cocaine gives the same rush with every use. 

However, the cocaine rush tends to wear off over time, leading the user to consume more of the drug. The user frequently develops an addiction as a result of this. An 8 ball of cocaine is often ingested by someone who has already used coke and now requires it significantly more due to its size. In an attempt to maximize the drug's quick, immediate effects, some individuals have been known to ingest the entire dose in one session.

However, this increases the risk of cocaine overdose, which can be fatal.

How Much Does 8 Ball Cocaine Cost?

It may seem unusual to discuss the price of illegal substances, but cocaine users might end up ruining themselves and their loved ones to support their addiction. This is especially accurate when it relates to cocaine, which costs more than a lot of other available "party" narcotics. The measure of coke may differ depending on your area, the quality of the drug, and several other variables.

Cocaine, like the majority of goods, can cost less when purchased in larger quantities. However, this common sales technique can have disastrous results because it pushes cocaine consumers to purchase more of the drug, raising the risk of ongoing addiction. For example, the smallest dose of coke that can usually be purchased on the black market is a quarter gram. Typically, this is sufficient to make you feel " elevated " once or twice.

So, while a gram of cocaine might cost more than a quarter-gram, it might also last longer. 

Even if an 8 ball of cocaine is a lot, one ounce is much larger. Even more severe legal repercussions apply when even an ounce of cocaine is in your possession in numerous states. This is so because the majority of individuals with an ounce or even more of cocaine in their possession intend to market or smuggle the substance.

The Real Cost of Cocaine Addiction

Unfortunately, the real cost of cocaine addiction is much more than the advertised price. Your wallet will suffer as a result of cocaine addiction. A person's susceptibility to the substance would develop over time, rendering it more difficult to get delighted from the same dosage. Therefore, if an individual couldn't get addiction treatment, their expenses would most likely increase.

But the expense of cocaine addiction extends to the consumers and the health of their loved ones as well. Cocaine is well-recognized for making people aggressive and irresponsible at work and home. As a result, relationships may be strained; as a result, increasing the isolation of the drug user.

The actual price of getting hooked on cocaine, therefore, rests in the irreparable harm it can cause to livelihoods, families, wellness, and permanent income prospects, regardless of whether the price seems high or low. 

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What are the Risks & Effects of 8 Ball Cocaine Use?

Eightball cocaine consumption can result in brief but adverse consequences causing immense pain and discomfort. Long-term risks, however, can lead to life-long psychological and physical ailments that can cause life in agony and be fatal. 

Short-Term Effects of Cocaine Abuse

Short-term consequences of 8-ball cocaine consumption involve:

  • Euphoria

  • High energy

  • Less social inhibition

  • Decrease in appetite

  • Chest pain

  • Pinpoint pupils

  • Enthusiastic feelings

  • Turmoil

  • Grumpiness and aggressive behavior

  • Paranoia

  • Panic attacks and sudden anxiety

  • Migraine

  • Vomiting and dizziness

  • Tightened blood vessels

  • Increased heartbeat

  • Nosebleed

Long-Term Effects of Cocaine Abuse

Long-term consequences of 8-ball cocaine consumption involve:

  • Cardiovascular infection and diseases

  • Epileptic attacks

  • Kidney and liver failure

  • Low respiration might cause lung failure

  • Getting habitual of high doses of cocaine to feel the desired effects

  • High chances of hemorrhage or cardiac arrest

  • Bodily and mental dependence and discontinuation signs when stopped abruptly

  • Suffering from newly emerged or worsened psychological health problems

  • Injury to the palate, nasal passages, and nose that is severe and permanent

  • Challenged memory, attention, and logic

  • Organ damage

What are the Symptoms of Cocaine Overdose?

When an individual consumes large doses of 8-ball cocaine in shorter durations, it might inflict a hazardous situation and even cause an overdose or drug poisoning. Overdosing on cocaine is considered an emergency medical situation that calls for immediate professional assistance.

If you or a loved one is undergoing any of the symptoms mentioned below, dial 911 immediately or go to the hospital emergency room closest to you. Cocaine overdose warning indicators & symptoms include:

  • Increased heart rate

  • Flu-like symptoms

  • Breathing problems

  • Shakiness and sudden trembling

  • Severe migraines

  • Cardiac arrest or other cardiovascular problems

  • Inconsistent heart rate

  • Convulsions

  • Hallucinations

  • Depressive episodes

  • Psychotic symptoms

  • Nervousness, jitteriness

  • Losing control and consciousness

  • Lack of concentration

  • Daydreaming

  • High breathing rate

  • Comatose

  • Throwing up 

  • Chest pain

How to Manage and Seek Treatment for Cocaine Addiction

If you or a close one is trying to manage cocaine dependency, it is crucial to receive medical assistance and support on an immediate basis. Drug addiction can be overpowering, and people might sometimes lose hope in their treatment process; however, there is always help available in the form of expert treatments.

Acknowledge There’s a Problem

Being aware that you possess a destructive character trait is the initial step toward recovery from cocaine addiction. This step might seem straightforward and commonly sensed, but numerous individuals struggle to understand their behavior and might even continue to do so if not stopped early. Recovery depends on admitting you have a problem and deciding to get help. 

Search For Treatment

Once the issue has been acknowledged, you should research your alternatives for treatment. Mentioned below are several kinds of treatment options that include:

  • Inpatient addiction centers

  • Outpatient addiction centers

  • Partial hospitalization

  • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT)

  • Detoxification clinics

  • Community support centers

  • Regular counseling 

Selecting the medical management that is ideally suited to your particular requirements and way of life is critical. Speak with a medical professional or a local rehabilitation clinic for further details on the various forms of cocaine addiction therapies available.

Determine Your Concerns and Triggers

Understanding the potential triggers for substance misuse or relapse is crucial. Feelings of loneliness, boredom, tension, or anxiety are often the main causes. Make sure that you possess a healthy outlet for your emotions, whether it be chatting with a friend, taking a walk, writing in a notebook, or doing some exercise like meditation or jogging.

Reducing your exposure to drug users can also lessen your chance of relapsing or starting a drug habit in the first place. 

Instill Self-care Activities in Your Life

Another crucial element in lowering your chance of being addicted is practicing self-care. Making healthy behaviors a priority helps maintain your body healthy and immune to the urge to abuse substances. These include getting adequate sleep, eating a balanced diet, and exercising routinely. Taking time to look after yourself also makes you feel better about yourself.

A lack of self-worth might make it more likely for someone to use drugs or alcohol as a coping technique for painful feelings, a pattern that frequently develops over time into addiction. 

Rely on Your Social Network

When it is related to avoiding alcohol and illicit substances, having an influential circle of support can make a huge difference. Inquire about your family and friends' willingness to undergo treatment alongside you or offer emotional assistance during this trying moment. They could also put you in touch with nearby services that can offer you further assistance as you recuperate.

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An 8 Ball of Cocaine can be Lethal. The Forge Recovery Center Treats Cocaine Addiction

An 8 ball of cocaine can be enough to kill if you take it all at once. Cocaine, despite its reputation as a party drug, is a highly addictive stimulant. Left untreated, cocaine addiction can cause lifelong damage, and can even kill via heart attack and stroke.

However, cocaine addiction is treatable. No matter how hopeless addiction can seem, there’s always a way out. Armed with a deep understanding of addiction, The Forge Recovery Center uses evidence-based methods to treat cocaine addiction effectively. By addressing addiction at the roots, we’re able to help our clients build new, cocaine-free lives for themselves.

At The Forge, our clients are able to develop the coping mechanisms and resources to break cocaine addiction permanently. If you’re interested in learning more about our cocaine treatment program, please reach out to The Forge Recovery Center today.

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